Park Soo Ryun / Korean actress 'Park Soo Ryun' dies, family will donate organ

Zoom News : Jun 12, 2023, 11:13 PM
Park Soo Ryun: Korean actress Park Soo Ryun has passed away suddenly. She was 29 years old. According to reports, on June 11, Park had fallen down the stairs while going home. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors tried to save him. But after failing in this, the actress was declared brain dead. The actress had to perform in Jeju Island only a day later. There has been a wave of mourning in the Korean industry due to Park Soo Ryun's demise. His fans are also inconsolable.

Parents will donate the organ of the actress

The family of actress Park Soo Ryun has decided to donate her organs. According to the report of Soompi, his mother said, 'Only his brain is dead. His heart is still beating. There must be someone in the world who is in dire need of organs. As his parents, we would be more than happy to think that his heart is with someone else and is beating.

Who was Park Soo-ryun?

In the year 2018, actress Park Soo Ryun made her debut with Il Tenore. After this he was seen in Finding Mr. Destiny, The Days We Loved, other musicals with Siddharth. He worked in the Korean show 'Snowdrop'. This show got him recognition. Talking about her role, the actress shared some pictures on social media. He had told that even though his role was very small in the show, he was still taken care of on the set. With this, he expressed hope that he would get a chance to work with actor Jung Hae again.

The body of Park Soo-ryun has been kept at the Suwon Hospital of Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center. His last rites will be performed on 13 June. On this day her family and close people will say the last goodbye to the actress.

Mother said this

According to the information, despite several efforts to save him, he passed away on June 11. According to a report, the bereaved family of the actress has donated her organs to honor her memory. Park Soo Ryun's mother shared a statement that read, "Not only is his brain not working, but his heart is still beating. There must be someone who is in dire need of organs. As his mother and father I can rest easy in the thought that his heart is with someone else and is beating."

Funeral will be held on this day

Park Soo-ryun's funeral will be held at the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center's Suwon Hospital on Tuesday. The actress made her debut in 2018 with "Il tenor". She then appeared in several musicals such as "Finding Kim Jong Wook," "Passing Through Love," "Siddhartha," and "The Day We Loved."