Bollywood / KRK Kamaal Rashid Khan replied Mahima Chaudhry said in Bollywood nobody does talk about virginity

Zoom News : Oct 18, 2021, 06:26 AM
Bollywood | Actor and alleged Critic Kamal Rashid Khan is very active on social media and often keeps his point of view. Due to this many times KRK is also trolled a lot. Meanwhile, KRK has supported Bollywood on Mahima Chaudhary's statement and called her statement rubbish.

What is KRK's tweet

KRK wrote in his tweet, 'Subhash Ghai launched Mahima Chaudhary, so if she is talking about him then it is okay, but he should not blame the whole Bollywood. While his own daughter wants to become an actress. In Bollywood no one talks about virginity etc. This is just glorified nonsense.'

Now actresses are also getting good roles.

In fact, during a conversation with Hindustan Times recently, Mahima Chaudhary had said, 'I feel that now actresses are getting good roles and opportunities as compared to earlier. They are getting good parts, getting good money, getting good brands and are in stronger positions than ever before. With this, now they can work longer than before.

They just wanted virgins...

Mahima had further said, 'Earlier your relationship had a big impact on your work. If you're dating someone, people used to write that they only wanted a virgin who had never kissed. If you are dating someone then… oh she is dating. On the other hand, if you are married then forget it… your career was over and if you have children then absolutely everything is over.