Maharana Pratap Board / Maharana Pratap Board to be made in Rajasthan, CM approved

Zoom News : Jun 13, 2023, 06:29 PM
Maharana Pratap Board: The Gehlot government has decided to make a board in the name of Maharana Pratap. The name of the board will be Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Board. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has approved the proposal to make a board in the name of Maharana Pratap. The board will have seven members apart from the chairman, vice-chairman.

The board will have separate secretary and staff. After the approval of the CM, the work of making the board will start. The posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members of the Board shall be filled by political appointees. In view of the election year, the chairman and members of the board are expected to be appointed soon. The purpose of setting up this board has been told by the government to inform the new generation about the great character of Maharana Pratap and to preserve the archaeological heritage based on him. This board will collect the ancient literature available in different languages about Maharana Pratap. Along with research, publication and publicity on Pratap, the board will also make syllabus.

International award in the name of Pratap

The board will start national-international level awards in the name of Maharana Pratap. It will also organize fairs, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, films, cultural programs, seminars and poet conferences based on Pratap. The aim of the board will also be to propagate the thoughts of Maharana Pratap in the country and abroad. The Gehlot government has made many boards this time. Many boards have been created to strike ethnic and regional balance. There is a large number of people who believe in Maharana Pratap, it is considered important to form this board according to the message given to that vote bank. The CM had announced this in May itself during his visit to Udaipur and has now approved its formation as soon as the visit to Udaipur is over.