India / Maharashtra govt employees asked to not wear jeans or t-shirt in offices

Zoom News : Dec 11, 2020, 06:37 PM
Mumbai: Maharashtra Government has imposed a ban on wearing of T-shirts and jeans by the employees in the state secretariat and government offices.

The state government has issued an order on Friday, asking its employees and contractual staff to come to offices wearing appropriate formal clothes.

The Maharashtra Government order read, "Maharashtra Government asks State Government employees and contractual staff to not wear jeans or t-shirt in the Secretariat and Government offices; instructs them to wear appropriate formal clothes, to appear professional."

All government employees must wear khadi clothes at least on Fridays to encourage the use of handspun, a circular issued on 8 December read.

"It has been observed that several officials/staff (mainly contractual staff and advisers engaged for government work) do not wear attire suitable for government employees. Hence, the image of government staff gets sullied among people," it added.

The circular also said that people expect "good behaviour and personality" from all government officials and employees, reports news agency PTI.

"....if the attire of officials and employees is unsuitable and unclean, it also has an indirect impact on their work," the circular added.

Women employees can wear sarees, salwars or chudidars kurtas, trouser pants and shirts alongwith dupattas if necessary, the order said.

Men can wear shirts and "pants or trouser pants".

"Clothes with deep colours and strange embroidery patterns or pictures should not be worn. Besides, employees and staff should not wear jeans and t-shirts in offices," the circular said.

Also, women employees should wear chappals, sandals or shoes and men employees should wear shoes or sandals, it said.

Take a look at the dress codes in other states:

Last year, the Bihar Government had issued a dress code for all its employees, apparently to ensure discipline and office decorum. "Officials and employees are found coming in casuals which is against the office culture and office decorum," the Bihar Government order said.

The Tamil Nadu Government had also asked its employees to avoid casual attire and wear clothes that reflect Indian and Tamil culture. "Women will have to wear sari/salwar kameez/churidaar with dupatta while they are on government duty, men will have wear shirts with formal pants/veshti (dhoti) or any other Indian traditional dress," the state govt said.

The Rajasthan labour department, had in June 2018, banned its employees from wearing jeans and T-shirts.

In 2013, the Karnataka Government had also introduced a dress code for its employees. While female employees were barred from attending office work by wearing skirts, T-shirts and pants, Male employees were told to not wear T-shirts.

The Himachal Pradesh Government, had in August 2017, issued an order prescribing a dress code for all its employees to ensure that they are appropriately clad in formal, descent and sober clothes, specifically during court appearances and also while attending office.