Rajasthan News / Major accident in Jhunjhunu's HCL mine - lift fell 1800 feet, 14 officers trapped

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 14, 2024, 11:38 PM
Rajasthan News: A major accident has occurred in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. The lift machine fell 1800 feet in the Kolihan mine of Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) located in Khetri area of Jhunjhunu. At the time of the accident, the vigilance team from Kolkata and many senior officials of KCC (Khetri Copper Corporation) were present in the lift. At present the rescue operation is going on at the spot. All ambulances have been called from nearby hospitals. Teams of doctors have also been asked to be prepared for emergencies. There has been no confirmation regarding how many people have been injured in the accident.

It is being told that 14 officers including the Vigilance team of Kolkata are trapped in the lift that has fallen 1800 feet. The vigilance team had entered the mine on Tuesday evening. While leaving the mine, the lift chain broke at around 8:10 pm. At present, the rescue team is present on the spot to rescue the officers. Efforts are being made to remove them. According to the information received so far, there is no information about any casualty.

Chain of lift machine broken in mine

Kolihan mine of Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) is located in Khetri area of Neemkathana. On Tuesday, the vigilance team of Kolkata had come to HCL's Kolihan mine. Senior officials of his KCC (Khetri Copper Corporation) were also present. At night everyone was coming from the lift machine, when suddenly the chain broke and the lift fell. As of now, no officer present at the spot is giving any answer as to why the vigilance team from Kolkata had come to the mine.

Lift falls 1800 feet, rescue operation begins

At present, a rescue operation is being conducted to rescue the officers trapped in the lift. About 14 officers are trapped in the lift. Ambulances are present at the spot. The team of doctors has also been asked to be prepared for emergencies. After the accident a huge crowd gathered at the spot. Policemen controlled the crowd. It is being told that the lift has fallen 1800 feet down in the mine. Teams have arrived to rescue all 14 people and have started the rescue operation.

There are copper reserves in Khetri and surrounding areas of Jhunjhunu. This entire area is known as ‘Copper City’. 50 percent of the country's copper is extracted from the Khetri mountains. There are more than 300 underground mines in a radius of about 324 km in the Kolihan area of Khetri, where copper is extracted at a depth of minus 102 meters below sea level.