India-Maldives News / Maldives pleaded with India for tourists - loosened up its arrogance!

Zoom News : Apr 12, 2024, 08:39 AM
India-Maldives News: To woo Indian tourists back, Maldives will organize road shows in major cities of India. Let us tell you that the number of Indian tourists in Maldives continues to decline. Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators held discussions with Indian High Commissioner Munu Mahavar here on enhancing travel and tourism cooperation between the two countries. In fact, on January 6, Prime Minister Modi had posted pictures and videos of the ancient Lakshadweep islands on the western coast of India on his X handle. After which derogatory comments were made against India and Prime Minister Modi on social media from Maldives. Maldives also reacted to this from India's side.

India ranks sixth in tourism

After the controversy, crores of Indians, including many famous personalities of the country, canceled their reservations and canceled their plans to go to Maldives. Tourism data shows that from being the top tourist country, India's position has dropped to fifth position since January and now to sixth position.

According to Maldives Tourism Ministry data, till April 10 this year, out of a total of 6,63,269 tourist arrivals, China topped with 71,995, followed by the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Germany and India.

Request to promote tourism

According to media reports, after discussions at a meeting held at the Indian High Commission in Male, MATATO said in a statement that they have expressed their intention to cooperate closely with the Indian High Commission in Maldives to promote tourism initiatives.

Road shows in Indian cities

Plans are underway to launch extensive road shows in major Indian cities and facilitate impactful and travel experiences in the Maldives in the coming months, the statement was quoted as saying. However, India remains an important tourist market for Maldives.

Relations between Maldives and India

The association described its meeting with the Indian High Commissioner as a testament to MATATO's continued dedication to promoting stronger tourism relations between the Maldives and India. It said that tourism will pave the way for transformative cooperation to promote development in the sector.

Threat to the sovereignty of the country

Before this diplomatic row erupted, Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu, within hours of being sworn in last November, had asked India to withdraw 88 of its military personnel from the country. He had said that their presence was a threat to the sovereignty of his country. Muizzu, known for his pro-China leanings, has announced that no Indian military personnel, even civilians, will be present in the Maldives after the repatriation of all 88 personnel by May 10.