Manipur Violence / More than 700 citizens of Myanmar entered Manipur, government told Assam Rifles – send them back

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 25, 2023, 08:01 AM
Manipur Violence: Amid worsening situation in Myanmar, more than 700 citizens of the country have entered Manipur. As many as 718 Myanmar nationals, including 301 children and 208 women, have entered Manipur's Chandel district due to ongoing clashes between the army and civilian forces in the country, an official said on Monday. Manipur Chief Secretary Vineet Joshi said in a statement that the state government has asked the Assam Rifles to repatriate the citizens of Myanmar.

'Government immediately asked to be sent back to Myanmar'

Joshi said the government has sought a detailed report from the Assam Rifles to clarify on the facts and reasons as to why and how these 718 Myanmar nationals were allowed to enter India in Chandel district without proper travel documents. “The state government has given strict instructions to the Assam Rifles to immediately deport those 718 illegal citizens of Myanmar,” the chief secretary said. He said the Myanmar nationals entered Manipur on Saturday and Sunday and are now living at seven places in the district – Lajang, Bonse, New Samtal, New Lajang, Yangnomphai, Yangnomphai Saw Mill and Aewomjang. All these villages are adjacent to the Myanmar border.

Home Ministry ordered strict action

Joshi further said that the state government, being a border guarding force, has asked the Assam Rifles to take strict action to stop the entry of Myanmar nationals into Manipur on any grounds without valid visas and travel documents as per the directive of the Union Home Ministry. "The state government takes the fresh illegal entry of 718 refugees very seriously with utmost sensitivity as it may have international ramifications especially in view of the ongoing law and order issues," he said.

Thousands of citizens of Myanmar have taken refuge in India

The Chief Secretary has asked the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police of Chandel district to effectively deal with the situation and also to keep biometrics and photographs of all such persons. Explain that thousands of Myanmarese fled to Mizoram after the military takeover in Myanmar in February 2021. About 35,000 men, women and children from Myanmar are now living in Mizoram. At the same time, about 5000 Myanmarese had also taken refuge in Manipur. Manipur has an unfenced border of about 400 km with Myanmar and about 510 km with Mizoram.