MP ST Hassan / 'Muslims will act only according to Shariat and Quran'- SP MP said on the change in law in Assam

Zoom News : Feb 24, 2024, 03:10 PM
MP ST Hassan: Himanta Biswa Sarma government of Assam has repealed the 89-year-old law related to registration of marriage and divorce by Muslims. The repeal of these laws is being said to be a step forward by the government towards UCC. Now Samajwadi Party leader and MP ST Hasan has given a big statement regarding this decision. He said that such decisions of the government are an attempt to divert attention from the real issues.

All religions have their own traditions – ST Hasan

He said, "The government is making changes in the laws. But it will not have any impact. Muslims will follow the Sharia and Quran only. We have been following these laws for thousands of years and will continue to follow them in future too." The SP leader said that you cannot change the laws and say that Hindus should start burying dead bodies instead of burning them. Or a Muslim should adopt some other method instead of Nikah. All religions have their own traditions. This is clearly an interference in the religious rights of the people.

There has been a change in the laws of Assam

Let us inform that in the cabinet meeting of Assam government held late on Friday, it was decided to repeal the 89-year-old law related to registration of marriage and divorce by Muslims. The Act provided for voluntary registration of Muslim marriages and divorces and required the Government to grant a license authorizing a Muslim person to register Muslim marriages and divorces on application for such registration.

What changed in the law of Assam?

Tourism Minister Barua said that after today's decision, it will no longer be possible to register Muslim marriage and divorce under this law in Assam. We already have a special marriage act and we want all marriages to be registered under its provisions. Minister Jayant Malla Barua said that currently there are 94 authorized persons in Assam who can register Muslim marriages and divorces. But with the Cabinet decision, their authority will end once the district authorities issue instructions for the same.