Coronavirus / Nasal spray launched in India will eliminate corona in just 48 hours, know the price

Zoom News : Feb 09, 2022, 05:02 PM
New Delhi: In India, a nasal spray for the treatment of corona virus (Coronavirus Nasal Spray) has been launched. It is claimed that after the spray of this medicine in the nose, the corona will be eradicated in 48 hours.

Launch with Canadian firm

Indigenous company Glenmark Pharma along with Canadian biotech firm SaNOtize has launched this nasal spray. The name of this nasal spray is Fabispray. This nasal spray medicine is Niteic Oxide based.

Claims to end viral load in 48 hours

This spray can be used by such patients above 18 years of age, who have got corona. The company studied 306 patients in 20 hospitals in India before launching this spray (Coronavirus Nasal Spray). According to the company's statement, in the third phase of the trial, it was found that the use of this spray reduces the virus load by 94% within 24 hours. At the same time, the viral load decreases by 99% in 48 hours.

The virus gets neutralized in the throat itself!

That is, the virus becomes weak and it gets neutralized in the respiratory tract itself. Due to the effect of Coronavirus Nasal Spray, it is not able to infect the lungs. The company also claims that a study done in the USA has found that this spray can kill the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon variants of Corona in 2 minutes.

Glenmark Pharma has received drug controller approval to manufacture and sell it in India. This medicine will also be sold in Israel, Thailand, Bahrain, Indonesia, Singapore.

Know what will be the cost of Corona Nasal Spray?

Fabispray will be available in India for Rs. 850. According to the company, one bottle of Coronavirus Nasal Spray will be enough for a patient infected with Corona. Although this spray will be available on prescription only. That is, the doctor will write about this medicine, only then you will be able to buy it. At present, this medicine cannot be bought directly from the chemist. After buying, you have to put two drops in every nostril 6 times a day. It is claimed that after taking the medicine for 7 days, you will be completely free from corona virus.