Team India / Neeraj Chopra's advice to Jasprit Bumrah, bowling speed will increase by doing this

Zoom News : Dec 05, 2023, 08:02 AM
Team India: Even though the Indian team missed out on winning the World Cup 2023 title, many players of the team made a tremendous impact with their performance during this period. Virat Kohli, captain Rohit Sharma and Mohammed Shami garnered the most discussion but star fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah had the same impact as all of them. Even in the final, Bumrah created a chance for Team India but it was insufficient. India's great javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra was also in the stadium to watch this final match, who gave such advice to Bumrah, which can increase his speed.

Bumrah was India's most effective bowler in this World Cup. Bumrah, who was out of the field for almost a year due to injury, returned to the team just before this World Cup. He first played an important role in the team winning the Asia Cup and then took the team to the final with his devastating bowling. Bumrah bowled the most dot balls in the tournament and also took 20 wickets.

Neeraj's advice to Bumrah

Due to his short run-up and completely different action, despite achieving good pace, Bumrah has always been a cause of trouble for the batsmen and surprise for the spectators. However, his speed has slowed down due to injury in recent times but despite this he looked lethal in the World Cup. Olympic and world champion athlete Neeraj Chopra was watching Bumrah closely in the World Cup final, who was very impressed with the star Indian pacer.

Neeraj told about his experience of the World Cup final. Neeraj also told that he likes Jasprit Bumrah because his bowling action is completely different. However, Olympic champion Neeraj also shared an advice for Bumrah, which can further increase his speed. Neeraj told that in terms of javelin throw, he often discusses that bowlers can increase the speed by increasing their run-up a little more. Neeraj said that Bumrah should also lengthen his run-up, which will increase his speed.

That's why Bumrah is different from the rest

However, this principle of increasing ball speed through long run-up is not new. Most fast bowlers, who consistently bowl at speeds of 145-150 kilometers per hour, often have long run-ups. This difference makes Bumrah different from other pacers. Bumrah can achieve this much pace with just a short run-up. However, he had to suffer the consequences of this and his back continued to get injured. Due to this, Bumrah's speed has also reduced but even today his injury is very effective.