Rajasthan News / New formula to prevent suicide of students in Rajasthan, spring fans will save lives

Zoom News : Aug 19, 2023, 12:37 AM
Rajasthan News: For the last few months, the news of suicides of students coming from Rajasthan's Kota has surprised everyone. To prevent this, the Kota district administration has ordered that spring fans should be installed in all hostels and houses providing paying guest facilities. These fans are fitted with a spring, so that they come down as soon as the weight falls on them, as well as it has an alarm system, which sounds the alarm and the life of the student can be saved.

The question is, where is the mistake being made, why are the students who go to Kota to make their dreams come true, are giving up their lives. What is this compulsion that is making the students so mentally weak that they find it easier to commit suicide.

  • In this month i.e. in August 2023, three students have committed suicide in Kota.
  • So far in the year 2023, 22 students have committed suicide in 8 months.
  • According to police data, in the year 2022, 15 students committed suicide in Kota.
  • Earlier in the year 2019 and in 2018, 20 students have committed suicide.
What do the figures say?

According to police statistics, not a single case of suicide of students was reported in the years 2020 and 2021 during the Kovid era. Whenever a student commits suicide, many questions arise. The question is what prompted him to take such a suicidal step. What was going on in the mind of the student. Did he tell his family-relatives or friends about the turmoil going on in his mind. Was there any way that could have prevented him from taking a step like suicide. It is generally seen that there are many reasons for stress.

The first reason is related to academics. There is stress of studying in coaching institute. Many students who come here from other cities are unable to cope with the pace of studies. In studies, they start feeling weak in comparison to other children. The numbers come less in the test. There is no selection in the examination and all the roads seem to be closed, in such a situation thoughts of suicide come.

Another reason is loneliness. Most of the students taking coaching are in the age group of 16 to 18 years. Many mental changes take place in this age. The child does not understand them. He becomes lonely in Kota. There is no one left to explain to him. Because of this the tension increases.

The third reason is the most important which parents should also understand. There is pressure from the parents to perform better on the child, there is a dream of making the son or daughter a doctor or engineer, and a lot of comparison is done by giving examples of other students. Because of this, students come under mental pressure.

Many psychiatrists also believe that due to being away from the family, the child comes under more pressure because most of the children in India live with parents and family till the age of 16-17 years. After that they suddenly become lonely when they go for coaching in cities like Kota. There is a heavy burden of studies, children who are more emotionally attached to the family, they cannot bear this distance and pressure and the results are dangerous. Hence spring fans can be a part of the solution. But there cannot be perfect solutions.

You should also know about how there is a big market in Kota to fulfill the dreams of students and especially their parents.

  • Kota has 12 big and 55 small coaching institutes
  • It prepares for medical and engineering entrance
  • The average cost of living and food of 1 student in 1 year is 2 to 2.50 lakhs
  • More than 2 lakh students come from other states in Kota.
An estimate also says that there are 17 thousand 385 seats in 23 IITs in India. There are 32 NITs in which there are 23 thousand 954 seats but the number of students preparing for it and appearing for the exam is increasing continuously. So the competition is high and the pressure is even more. There is a need to increase communication with the students and give confidence to the students in order to move ahead with this pressure.

It was a few days back. A 17-year-old student preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) in Rajasthan's Kota allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in the hostel. This was the third case this month. Before committing suicide, he had written a letter to his father in which he wished his father a happy birthday. He wrote sorry to his father. This word itself says a lot.