Bollywood / No supplying can happen without authorities' ashirwad: Raveena on B'wood drug probe

Zoom News : Sep 26, 2020, 09:54 AM
Mumbai: Actress Raveen Tandon on Friday said celebrities are soft targets in the ongoing drugs-related investigation. The actress feels the war against drugs should be across the country, and not just be restricted to probing film industries.

Raveena expressed her opinion on Twitter, retweeting a post she had shared earlier this week, which reads: "Twas high time for clean up to happen. Very welcome! Will help our young/future generations. Start from here, surely, proceed to all sectors. Uproot it from its core. Punish th Guilty, users, the dealers/suppliers. The profiting Big Guys on the take, who give it a blind eye and ruin people."

She added, “Suppliers hang outside colleges/schools,pubs,restaurants,a drug syndicate,involving powerful authoritative entities (big guys on the take(As in Bribes)who turn blind eye,let young lives get ruined.Uproot it from THIS core.Dont stop here,declare a full war against drugs Countrywide.”

The actress also alleged that media trials are happening along with the ongoing investigation by the agencies, where film industry people are being villified.

"Half baked truths about the film industry=TRP ratings. The crisis in the world be forgotten by abusive judgements/vilification, people guilty before probe is plain right a public lynching. If proved wrong, will media ever able to restore their reputations, credibility?" She tweeted.