Special / Not eating Parle G Biscuits will lead to misfortune after rumor biscuits out of stock

Zoom News : Oct 02, 2021, 06:27 PM
Not eating Parle G biscuits will lead to unhappiness, after rumour, biscuits out of stock.

A rumor spread rapidly in Sitamarhi, which has now reached Muzaffarpur as well. Even in today's modern era, people are believing the matter without head and feet - which is surprising.

In the past, during the Jitiya festival, a rumor came to the fore, in which someone spread the word that the mother who would not feed her son Parle ji would be unlucky.

After this absurd talk, crowds of people started flocking to the biscuit shop and on seeing Parle ji shops were out of stock. The market of suitable rumor is hot, the society spreading such rumours is guilty, who should be punished severely.