Jalore Encroachment Protest / On the orders of the High Court in Jalore, 150 houses built on pasture land are being demolished

Zoom News : May 16, 2024, 06:04 PM
Jalore Encroachment Protest: When administration and police officials arrived to remove the houses built on pasture land, the villagers blocked the road. Women sat in front of bulldozers and police vehicles. The matter is of Jalore. Here in Odwada village located on Barmer Road, action is being taken to remove more than 150 houses and about 160 kutcha fences built on 35 acres of pasture land. When the mother and daughter started crying due to the house breaking, a woman fainted. He was admitted to the hospital. Today the administration has given time to the people till tomorrow to take out the belongings from their homes. The action will continue for three days.

Earlier, on May 7, the High Court had ordered the removal of houses built on pasture land. A force of district administration and police had arrived at 7 am today to remove the encroachment.

Gehlot said- use of force is not right, administration should have given time

It is not appropriate for the administration to use force to demolish more than 400 houses in the name of removing encroachment in Odwada, Ahor, Jalore. This is a matter related to poor families. The administration should have given adequate time to these families so that they could find a legal solution. The state government and administration should look at this issue on humanitarian grounds. I have also talked to Jalore Collector in this regard. We will provide legal assistance to these victim families and ensure justice to them.

In the past too, there have been many such cases in which the decision of the High or Supreme Courts came in favor of the victim's families. There was such an incident in Sikar's Patwari's Bas village in which in one order of the High Court it was decided to demolish the house but in another order it was considered wrong and the affected families were given pattas during the time of our government. The administration should wait for all legal avenues to be completed and then take any action.

Punishment for dispute between two brothers

The villagers ask why the villagers are being punished for the dispute between two brothers. Today when the police force entered the village with JCB, the villagers came out on the roads. Amidst the huge uproar, the police clashed with the villagers, in which many women became unconscious. However the policemen did not stop. To complete the removal of encroachment, they resorted to lathicharge and chased away the villagers from there.

Women became unconscious after seeing bulldozer moving

People say that they have been living here for generations. He was born here. Where will he go? The women there became unconscious after seeing JCB and bulldozer moving on their houses. As soon as little girls became homeless, they started screaming. But the police action did not stop. Those who were seen protesting even after the lathicharge were caught by the police and put in a van. Many pictures and videos of this period have also surfaced, which are currently going viral on social media.

Political temperature rose on the incident

After the video of this entire matter went viral on social media, Congress is also cornering the government on this matter. Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara, while sharing the video of this entire incident, wrote, 'Destroyed houses, crying families, brutality with women and the cruel face of the police in Odwada of Jalore. Welcome to BJP's new Rajasthan. Shameful!'

Tehsildar said – action on the order of the High Court

Ahore Tehsildar Hitesh Trivedi said – After the order of the High Court issued in the month of March, action has been taken against the encroachment of pasture land. On May 7, the High Court again gave orders. After this action took place in Odwada.

Woman fainted after seeing house collapsing

Some part of the house of Anu Dave living in Odwada village has also been demolished. Seeing this, Anu Dave's health deteriorated and she fainted. He has been sent to the hospital by ambulance.

Dotasara said – BJP's new Rajasthan

Congress State President Govind Singh Dotasara has attacked the BJP government regarding the action to remove encroachment.

We broke the house, where will we go now?

When a house was demolished during the action, the mother and daughter living in it started crying. The daughter was seen taking care of her mother.

The daughter said while crying – Only I and my mother live here. The house was destroyed, where will we go now? My mother is working as a laborer to feed us.

Where the court stays, there is no action

Ahor SDM Shankar Lal Meena said- Action is being taken as per the order of the court. No action has been taken at those places where the court has stayed.

Said with folded hands – Do not take action, where will we go

Women initially joined hands with the police and administration. Said- Don't take action, where will we go? The police explained on this. When they did not agree, the police is now removing the villagers through the use of force. There are about one and a half thousand villagers at the spot.

Former sarpanch said- land dispute had reached high court

Former Sarpanch of Odwada, Pramila Rajpurohit said, about 3 years ago, there was a dispute regarding the distribution of land between the residents of the village, Mukesh, son of Mull Singh Rajpurohit, and Mahendra Singh, son of Babusinh Rajpurohit.

The dispute between the two brothers reached the High Court. When the land was measured, about 440 houses were found in pasture land. After this, by court order, some raw encroachments were removed in 2022 and 2023. On the orders of the court, the houses in the village were marked and marked to remove more than 150 kutcha houses and about 160 fences.