Reasi Terror Attack / Open statements on 'Rafa', but why are celebs silent on the terrorist attack on 'Riyasi'?

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 11, 2024, 07:00 AM
Reasi Terror Attack: The news of the death of 9 people in a terrorist attack on a bus of devotees returning from Shivkhodi in Reasi, Jammu has shaken the heart of the whole country. Everyone is upset about this news and is demanding justice from the government as soon as possible. There has been a flood of posts and memes on social media, but along with this, a different debate has also started on social media, in which users are questioning Bollywood stars and also trolling them fiercely.

Many such posts are going viral on social media, in which screenshots of some Bollywood stars are going viral, in which they were putting the status of 'All Eyes on Rafa', but none of them said a word on the Reasi terrorist attack in Jammu. These stars include many names ranging from Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra. Along with this, the anger of social media users is also bursting on these Bollywood stars regarding this matter.

Users are asking questions...

A user shared the pictures of all the stars and wrote, 'They only sympathize with terrorists of other religions, so anyone who supports terrorism is also a terrorist. #AllEyesOnReasi'. Along with this, the user has shared some more posts, in which it is written with the names of different stars, 'This is Madhuri Dixit. A few days ago, all her eyes were on Rafa. Today her eyes are closed, she is not able to see the killing of Hindu pilgrims by Islamic terrorists. @MadhuriDixit please speak for Indians #AllEyesOnReasi All eyes on Reasi'. However, Varun Dhawan has tweeted about this attack a few hours ago.

He spoke on Rafa, then why is he silent on Reasi?

This attack took place on Monday, June 10. Which was posted by many stars from Kangana Ranaut to Anupam Kher, but there are many Bollywood stars who have not posted anything from morning to evening, due to which social media users are very angry, which they are sharing through their posts. Most of these stars are those who had posted their Instagram story about 'Rafa', but now they are silent on the Reasi terrorist attack.