New Delhi / Pakistan should not spread Propaganda by calling our citizens as terrorists: Ravish Kumar

Zoom News : Nov 22, 2019, 10:51 AM
New Delhi: The Foreign Ministry has strongly objected to the two Indian nationals accidentally crossing the border into Pakistan as terrorists. On Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said - Pakistan should not use it as propaganda. Our citizens had accidentally crossed the border, we had also informed Pakistan. In such a situation, Pakistan's propaganda on the international stage after taking Indian citizens into custody cannot be tolerated.

Addressing the press conference in Delhi, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ravish Kumar said- We have asked the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the immediate meeting of the Indian citizens named Prashant and Barilal with the counselor. We hope that Pakistan will heed our demand.

In May 2019, we informed Pakistan: Foreign Ministry

Ravish Kumar said - In 2017, two Indians had gone to Pakistan by mistake. In May 2019, we wrote the first note to Pakistan. We have sought diplomatic help and security for them. It is hoped that this matter will be resolved successfully.

Pakistan arrested 2 Indian nationals on 18 October

Pakistani authorities arrested two Indians on 18 October. According to media reports, these Indians are accused of illegally entering Pakistan. Those arrested are Prashanth (Madhya Pradesh) and Barilal (Telangana). According to Geo News, the two Indian nationals were arrested in Bahawalpur in Punjab province. They did not have any documents. Police said that a case has been registered against both. An Indian arrested, is said to be a software engineer. Police claim that he was sent to carry out terrorist attack in Pakistan.

Sri Lanka our close friend, expectations from the new President's visit to India 

On the formation of a new government in Sri Lanka, Ravish Kumar said - Sri Lanka is our close friend country. Botavaya Rajapaksa has become the new president there. Prime Minister Modi was the first to congratulate him. Regarding the Tamil issue, I want to tell that the new President is visiting India on 29-30 November. We are emphasizing on advancing bilateral relations. They want to bring it up to the expectations of the Tamil community. The President has said that he is representative of every community in Sri Lanka. We hope that the new president will work for the justice, honor and peace of the Tamils.