World / Pakistan to remain in Grey List of global terror financing watchdog FATF

Zoom News : Oct 22, 2021, 06:45 AM
Pakistan, which is a supporter of terrorists, has suffered a major setback from the FTAF, a global organization to monitor terrorist funding. The FATF still kept Pakistan in the 'Grey List'. FTAF President Marcus Player said Pakistan has addressed 30 of the 34-point action plans in detail, having addressed the action plan focused on money laundering in June this year.

Let us tell you that Pakistan has remained in the gray list of this FTAF since the year 2018. Pakistan was placed on the 'Grey List' due to its failure to effectively implement global FATF standards and the lack of progress on the investigation and prosecution of senior leaders and commanders of terrorist groups identified by the United Nations.

The FATF chairman had said that Pakistan will remain on the gray list until it can take all the items on the original action plan agreed in June 2018 as well as the parallel action plan submitted in 2019 by the watchdog's regional partner Asia Pacific Group (APG). does not address.

Along with Pakistan, Turkey is also in the gray list. FATF President Player said Turkey must show action on its action plan. Apart from this, transparency will also have to be shown in the action against NGOs. However, Mauritius and Botswana have been left out of the FATF gray list.