Country / Parents sent the gym to build the body the daughter became furious with the trainer

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 06:24 PM
There is a lot of craze in the younger generation regarding fitness. In view of this, gyms have opened from big cities to small towns. There is a crowd of youths there. Especially after being locked in homes for a long time in lockdown, people are turning to the gym to get fit. A young girl from Jamui also decided to go to the gym to get fit and now this has proved to be a shock for her family members.

Khairma resident of Jamui and the daughter of a government employee in the court premises started going to a gym in Kachari Chowk to keep the body fitness during the Corona period. Like the parents of a normal family, they also gave their consent. They also agreed to bear the expenses of the gym. The girl started going to the gym regularly. It happened that while going to the gym, the girl's eyes became four with her trainer Raja Kumar. During the training, both of them came closer to themselves. After that the girl started working as a trainer in the same gym. In the end, both of them suddenly disappeared. Now the girl's family members are making rounds of the police station. His mother lodged an FIR at Jamui police station. The mother has accused the trainer Raja Kumar. A sudden new twist came in this case when the said girl appeared in the court through the police. High voltage drama continued throughout the day. On one side the parents, aunt and uncle and all the family members were clasping in his feet that he should go home and on the other side the boy's family members were standing with him with a barricade.

The statement of that girl was made in the special court of POCSO Act before the magistrate after the appearance in the court of ADJ I Syed Mohammad Shabbir. Where she talked about marrying her lover and going with him. However, by giving an application to the court on behalf of the girl's mother, it was said that the girl's age is only 18 years and 2 months in the documents shown. In such a situation, it is necessary to check his age because he is a minor.

On the basis of the certificate of the Sanskrit Board shown by the girl in the court, refused to be sent to both the mother and the alleged lover husband and freed him to go anywhere considering him as an adult. The victim's mother told that she obeyed her daughter more than her due. Fulfilled his every wish. Girls are not ready to go to the gym in Jamui yet, so they sent their daughter. And that is their crime.