Petrol-Diesel / Petrol, diesel prices increased again, Mumbai's petrol cost highest across metros

Zoom News : Oct 28, 2021, 01:36 PM
New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices continue to hike across the country, as the prices reach an all-time high on Thursday, October 28. Today is the second day that the fuel prices are surging, after remaining static for a few days across the country.

The fuel rates in Delhi were hiked by a significant amount today. The petrol and diesel prices in the national capital stood at Rs 108.29 and Rs 97.02 per litre respectively. Petrol in Delhi now costs more than jet fuel, which costs roughly Rs 79 per litre.

The petrol and diesel prices in Mumbai have been hiked significantly as well, and now stand at Rs 114.14 and Rs 105.12 per litre respectively. According to Indian Oil Corporation, Mumbai has the highest fuel rates found across the country.

Petrol, diesel prices today: City-wise price


Delhi- Rs 108.29

Mumbai- Rs 114.14

Chennai- Rs 105.13

Kolkata- Rs 108.78


Delhi- Rs 97.02

Mumbai- Rs 105.12

Chennai- Rs 101.25

Kolkata- Rs 100.14

The fuel rates are revised each day by refineries such as Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil Corporation on the basis of the rupee-dollar exchange rate and crude oil prices. The fuel rates vary in each state in view of the difference in the value-added tax.

Even though fuel prices are currently surging in India, the prices have been dropping for the past two days globally, as per reports.