Special / Photographed with German Shepherd was expensive girls face got spoiled forever

Zoom News : Oct 15, 2021, 05:58 PM
The biggest difference between humans and animals is that humans are intelligent. They have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. Apart from this, he knows how to express his feelings. If a person is happy, then he laughs. Even in anger, it is known from his activity that the mood of the person in front is not good. But this is not the case with animals. No matter how much a person mixes with an animal, it is very difficult to understand their behavior. A little carelessness and animals can also attack humans. Many such cases come to the fore. These days some photos of a girl are going viral on social media, in which at first she was seen taking a picture with a dog comfortably. But soon after that the dog attacked the girl. picture taken peacefully

The pictures going viral are being shared from Facebook to Twitter. In the first picture, 17-year-old Lara Sons, a resident of Argentina, was posing for a picture with a smiling German Shepherd. The dog was looking very calm in the picture. No one knew that the dog would attack Lara in the coming few seconds. The face filled in the mouth As soon as the picture was posed, suddenly the dog was filled with anger. Resting his head on his forehead, he attacked Lara, who was posing for the picture. The German Shepherd immediately groaned, stuffed Lara's face in his mouth and dented her. The girl was not ready for this attack. Soon she started screaming in pain. The friend present with him had to come in the middle and separate the dog from Lara.

Lara was badly injured in this attack with many stitches. There were deep wounds on the side of his forehead and near the lips. The girl was immediately taken to the hospital, where she received multiple stitches on her face. Lara's face deteriorated badly. Many people shared this post. An attempt was made to make people aware that animals are animals after all. No matter how close you are, you should stay away from animals.