Ahlan Modi / PM Modi called Sheikh Zayed a brother, also talked about Modi's guarantee, said - Long live India-UAE friendship

Zoom News : Feb 13, 2024, 10:28 PM
Ahlan Modi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to the United Arab Emirates i.e. UAE. PM Modi reached Abu Dhabi on Tuesday afternoon, where he was given a grand welcome. PM has met the President of UAE. After this, PM Modi is addressing the Ahlan Modi event in Abu Dhabi. Here PM Modi started his address with the slogan of India-UAE friendship zindabad.

New history was created in Abu Dhabi- PM Modi

In the 'Ahlan Modi' program in Abu Dhabi, PM Modi said that today you have created a new history in Abu Dhabi. You have come here from every corner of UAE and different states of India. But everyone's hearts are connected. In this historic stadium, every heartbeat, every breath, every voice says – Long live India-UAE friendship. PM Modi said let's collect memories which will stay with me and you throughout our life

I have come to meet my family – PM Modi

People who came to the 'Ahlan Modi' program organized in Abu Dhabi welcomed PM Modi with slogans of Modi-Modi. The PM told the people that I have come here to meet my family. I have brought the fragrance of the soil where you were born and I have brought the message of 140 crore people and the message is that India is proud of you, you are the pride of our country, India is proud of you.

Sheikh Zayed praises the people of India – PM Modi

Speaking at the 'Ahlan Modi' event in Abu Dhabi, PM Modi said that I remember my first visit to UAE in 2015 when I had just arrived at the Centre. This was the first visit by an Indian PM after three decades. The world of diplomacy was new to me. At that time, I was welcomed at the airport by the then Crown Prince and today's President Sheikh Zayed along with his five brothers. That warmth, that sparkle in his eyes – I'll never forget that. That welcome was not for me alone but for 140 crore Indians. The PM said that Sheikh Zayed praises the people of India and cares about them.

Approval for the construction of the temple was received in a moment.

PM Modi also talked about the first Hindu temple being built in Abu Dhabi at the Ahlan Modi event. PM Modi said that in 2015, when I, on behalf of all of you, proposed to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed to build a temple in Abu Dhabi, he said yes without thinking a moment. It is now time to inaugurate this grand (BAPS) temple. The PM said that today the friendship between India and UAE is becoming stronger.

PM called Sheikh Zayed brother

In Abu Dhabi, PM Modi said that this is my 7th visit to UAE in the last 10 years. Brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed also came to receive me at the airport today. This makes them especially happy. I am glad that we had the opportunity to welcome him to India four times. A few days ago he had come to Gujarat and lakhs of people had gathered on the streets to thank him. PM Modi said that I am fortunate that the UAE has honored me with its highest civilian award – The Order of Zayed. This honor is not just mine but of crores of Indians. It belongs to all of you.

Our relationship is one of talent, innovation and culture

PM Modi said in Abu Dhabi that our relationship is one of talent, innovation and culture. In the past, we have re-energized our relations in every direction. Both the countries have walked together and progressed together. Today UAE is India's third largest trade partner. Today UAE is the seventh largest investor in India. Both the countries are cooperating a lot in ease of living and ease of doing business. Even today, we are taking forward this commitment through the MOUs that have been signed between us. We are integrating our financial system. In the field of technology and innovation, the partnership between India and UAE is continuously strengthening. What India-UAE has achieved in the field of community and culture is a model for the world.

Discussion on Modi's guarantee

PM Modi also discussed about the changing India in Abu Dhabi. He said that whenever people go to India today, they see a changed India. Our government gave houses to crores of people. Provided sewage connections to 10 crore people, connected 50 crore people to the banking system and provided free treatment facilities to more than 50 crore people. The PM said that to avoid further problems in treatment for the rural people, we built Ayushman Health Center with Rs 1.5 lakh. PM Modi said that in his third term, India will become the third largest economy in the world. This is Modi's guarantee. Modi's guarantee means guarantee of fulfillment of every guarantee.

PM discussed India's success

In the program in Abu Dhabi, PM Modi said that today the aim of every Indian is to make India a developed country by 2047. PM said that which is the country whose economy is growing rapidly? Our India. Which country? Which country has the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world? Our India. Which country reached Mars in its first attempt? Our India. Which country reached the south pole of the Moon? Our India. Which country made the record of launching 100 satellites simultaneously? Our India. Which country developed 5G technology on its own and implemented it the fastest? Our India.

More than 1.5 lakh Indian students in UAE

PM Modi said that more than 1.5 lakh Indian students are studying in UAE schools. Last month, a master's course was started at the IIT Delhi campus here and a new CBSE office will also be started. These institutions will be helpful in providing the best education to the Indian community here.