PM Narendra Modi / PM Modi gave interview to Dubai media, focus remained on these issues

Zoom News : Dec 01, 2023, 12:34 PM
PM Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Dubai to participate in the 28th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP). Here he has given an interview to a media organization named Al-Etihad. PM expressed hopes regarding COP28 hosted by UAE. He believes this will bring new momentum to effective climate action.

In the interview, the Prime Minister stressed the strong partnership between India and the UAE and the prospects for cooperation in establishing a common energy grid, enhancing energy security and supporting the International Solar Alliance's Global Solar Facility. PM once again talked about climate finance and technology transfer for developing countries.

PM Modi vocal on Global South

PM Modi stressed the need for equity, climate justice and shared responsibilities in climate action. As the Prime Minister remains vocal about the security of the Global South, the PM also clarified his stance in an interview given to the Emirati Media Institute and said that the development priorities of the Global South cannot be compromised.

PM Modi talked about renewable energy

The Prime Minister praised the UAE's commitment to climate action and renewable energy, citing its role as the host country of the International Renewable Energy Agency. He also talked about the common efforts of India and the UAE in pursuing solutions to the problems faced on the renewable energy front.

PM Modi discussed future policies to advance India's partnership with the UAE in the climate sector, including cooperation in green hydrogen, solar energy and grid connectivity. He appreciated the UAE's investment in India's renewable energy projects and highlighted opportunities for cooperation in tech development, policy framework and investment in infrastructure for renewable energy.

Emphasis on doing environmentally friendly work

Beyond renewable energy, Prime Minister Modi, through programs like Mission Life and Green Credit Initiative, stressed on adopting a lifestyle that can make our planet safe. He appealed to deal with climate change and work in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Prime Minister also mentioned India's National Green Hydrogen Mission and the potential of the UAE to invest in India's green hydrogen sector. He also talked about India's efforts during its presidency of the G20, including the Green Development Agreement and the High-Level Principles on Hydrogen.

PM Modi's expectations from COP28 meeting

PM Modi expressed hope that the COP28 meeting will take forward these achievements and will give a boost to initiatives like Green Credit Initiative and LeadIT. The PM spoke about the shared interests of India and the UAE in shaping a greener and more prosperous future through a global discussion on climate action and expressed their commitment to work together further.