Rajasthan / PM Narendra Modi tweeted in the name of this farmer of Hanumangarh, know what happened

Zoom News : Jul 02, 2021, 04:33 PM
Hanumangarh A tweet of PM Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) has been quite shadowed in Social Media for two days in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. In this tweet, PM Modi has urged to go there from Afghanistan Ambassador Farid Mamundzai (Farid Mamundzai), referring to Kisan Balakur Dhillo (Balkaur Dhillon) and his village. PM Modi wrote on his tweeter handle that "you also go to Haripura of @balkaurdhillon and also go to Haripura of Gujarat, she also boasts history in itself. Whatever your experience you have shared with a doctor of India, it is a smelling of the fragrance of the relationships of India-Afghanistan.

In fact, the farmer of Haripura village of Hanumangarh district follow the Afghanistan's ambassador to Afghanistan in Afghanistan Twitter. On June 30, Afghanistan Ambassador Farid Mamundjai wrote his tweet that a few days ago he went to get treatment with a doctor, then the doctor did not take fees from him that Indians love to Afghanistan.

Remembering this incident, Farid wrote on Mamundjai Twitter that "it is India; Love, respect, value and compassion. Because of you my friend, Afghan cry a little less, little more smile and feel very good. After that, there was a dialogue on July 1, Farid Mamundjai and Kisan Balakur Dhillo's Twitter. During this time Balakon Dhillo invited Fareed to come to his village. Balakaur wrote that you come to Haripura. Ambassador wrote that Haripura of Gujarat's Surat? Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Modi tweeted with his tweeter handle and wrote that you go to Haripura of Balakur Dhillon and also go to Haripura of Gujarat. Since then, PM became viral in social media watching Modi's tweet. While Modi's tweet begins to be tested.

Kisan Balakur Dhillon expressed happiness and said that the Prime Minister remembered the common farmer like me. Remembered my village in Hanumangarh district and invited Afghanistan's ambassador to come to my village. This has got happiness to him, the whole district and Rajasthan. Balakaur said that the Ambassador told him on Twitter that if I come to Haripura in Hanumangarh district, then will he welcome him with the Rajasthani turban? Kisan Balakaur responded on this that after coming to the village, the Punjabi Turban will be welcomed with your Rajasthani. Taking the name of the general farmer Balakaur Dhillon of the district by Prime Minister Modi, the ambassador of Afghanistan has been blessed in the residents of the district on the residents of the district.