Shortage Of Coal / Power crisis deepens in 16 states including Delhi due to rising heat, cuts for ten hours

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 30, 2022, 11:08 AM
Unprecedented heatwave in north and central India has pushed the power demand close to a record 2.14 lakh MW. However, meanwhile, supply has been severely short of demand due to shortage of coal at power generation plants. Unannounced power cuts ranging from 2 to 10 hours are happening in at least 16 states of the country including UP, Delhi, Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan.

The electricity demand in Uttar Pradesh is still around 22,000 MW, while the availability is around 18,000 MW. There is a shortage of one thousand in Bihar and one and a half thousand MW in Haryana. The Delhi government, without disclosing the demand-supply gap, said it has only one day's coal left in some power supply plants.

According to Power System Operation Corporation, 10,770 MW of power supply fell short of demand across the country on Thursday. At the same time, 2,01,060 MW power was supplied on Tuesday. Despite this, it was 8,220 MW less than the demand.

The power supply in the country during the peak hour on Thursday stood at 2,04,650 MW, which is the country's record so far. The record for maximum power supply last year was 2,00,530 MW. This supply happened on 7th July, while the demand has broken all records only at the end of April this year.

  • Demand at record level, shortfall in supply due to shortage of coal
  • 22,000 MW power demand in UP
  • There is an availability of close to 18,000 MW
  • Record power supply of 2,04,650 MW in the country on Thursday
  • 2,00,530 MW was the record for highest power supply in July last year
Coal for only one day in delhi

The Delhi government has again reiterated that the stock of coal in the thermal power plants that power the capital is almost exhausted. Instead of seven days stock, only one day is left at this time. Expressing concern over this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to all the governments including the Center to find an early solution to this.

Center claims... enough coal

  • The central government claims that in April 2022, Coal India produced 27.2 percent more than the previous year. At the same time, 5.8 percent more coal was dispatched.
  • Coal India has coal reserves of 567 lakh tonnes, while Singareni Collieries has reserves of 47 lakh tonnes.
16.2 lakh tonnes of coal sent by goods trains

In view of the power crisis, the railways has increased the loading and speed of goods trains. On Thursday, coal was loaded in 533 rakes of goods trains. Of these, 427 rakes are for transporting coal to power plants. Through these, 16.2 lakh tonnes of coal will reach the power plants. 24% coal in 147 plants As on April 27, 147 thermal power plants had 24 percent coal reserves of normal level. For the movement of goods trains, 753 trips of 21 pairs of Mail-Express and Passenger trains were canceled.