Lok Sabha / Prashant Kishor taunted Lalu Yadav, said - 0 MPs in Lok Sabha, and they talk about making PM?

Zoom News : Dec 06, 2023, 10:23 PM
Lok Sabha: Jan Suraj leader Prashant Kishore on Wednesday took a dig at the claims of RJD supremo Lalu Yadav and other leaders of his party about Nitish Kumar becoming the Prime Minister. Prashant Kishore said that Lalu Yadav and RJD leaders are just bigots. He said, 'Now you look at the situation of RJD that out of 543 in the entire Lok Sabha, this party has 0 MPs. Lalu Yadav sits here in his house and calls 4 journalists and decides who will become the Prime Minister of the country? The party which has zero MPs is deciding who will be the Prime Minister of the country?

‘Nitish has no love for Lalu or Tejashwi’

Prashant Kishore said, 'In 2015, we were the ones who brought Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar along. We know very well how much they love each other? Nitish Kumar has no love for Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav. Lalu Yadav is pushing Nitish Kumar for Delhi every day so that if Bihar is vacant then our son should become the Chief Minister. At the same time, Nitish Kumar is with him so that the chair remains and even when he leaves the chair and when my term is over, people here will say that whatever they say, no matter how bad Nitish Kumar was, he was better than him.

‘Nitish is trying to bring back Jungle Raj’

Prashant Kishore said in Darbhanga, 'The people of Bihar have made 42 MLAs of Nitish elected. Nitish is trying to bring back Lalu Yadav's Jungle Raj to teach this public a lesson. When Jungle Raj comes back, people will say that Nitish Kumar was removed unnecessarily, he was the best. Only if a bad government comes to power, people will say good things about Nitish Kumar. If a good government comes to power in Bihar, people will say that it is good that Nitish Kumar lost his life and Bihar's progress started. But if a worse government than this comes, people will say Nitish Kumar is better.