Special / Pre Wedding Photoshoot couple lay down on railway track while photography

Zoom News : Feb 14, 2023, 01:21 PM
Pre Wedding Photoshoot Risk: These days, before weddings, people are so obsessed with pre-wedding that pre-wedding photoshoots are being done risking the lives of the bride and groom. One such case has come to the fore in Gwalior. Here the bride and groom were getting their pre-wedding shoot done on the railway track risking their lives. Meanwhile, the traffic DSP saw them. After this, Traffic DSP Naresh Kumar Anotia stopped his vehicle and reached him and reprimanded him and urged him not to do so.

Risked life in pre wedding photoshoot

Let us tell you that a young man and a woman who are about to get married arrived on the Delhi-Mumbai railway track. The cameraman who was shooting pre-wedding with him was risking his life to shoot photos and videos. Lying on the railway track when this shoot was going on. Meanwhile, traffic police officer DSP Naresh Kumar Annothia was passing by, when he saw that many boys were seen on the railway track with a young man and a young woman, he stopped his car and reached them.

a little mistake can kill you

When he looked closely, he came to know that a young man and a young woman were doing a pre-wedding shoot for their upcoming wedding. After this, the traffic DSP scolded him fiercely and chased him away from there. He said that a super fast train leaves here every 5 minutes, in such a situation a slight mistake can kill you.