Country / Preparations are complete to run on 18 lakh vehicles in Delhi everyone will be fined 10 thousand and the vehicle can be confiscated on the road

Zoom News : Oct 10, 2021, 07:06 PM
In Delhi, 18 lakh vehicles are plying without Pollution Control Certificate (PUCC). They have more number of two wheelers. There are 13 and a half lakh two wheelers without PUC while there are four lakh 20 thousand cars which do not have PUC certificate. The Transport Department is now going to take more strict action against such vehicles. A senior official of the Transport Department said that a few days ago the data of vehicles was sought from the computer branch, according to the data received, there are one crore 34 lakh vehicles plying in Delhi. In which 18 lakh vehicles do not have PUC certificates.

He said that this is a serious issue, people should take it seriously. It is not okay to be careless about this. He said that we do not want that people have to deduct 10 thousand challan for PUC certificate made in less than 100 rupees.

If we look at the situation, the effect of the strictness of the Transport Department is visible in the matter of pollution control certificate. After the strictness of the department, now double the certificates are being made every day as compared to August. In August, 10,000 certificates were being made every day, which are now being made 20 thousand per day. If we look at the figures, from August 10 to September 1, on an average, 10,000 PUC certificates were being generated every day. But in early September, the Transport Department issued an advisory in this regard and advised people to get their PUC certificates made, otherwise action would be taken.

After this there was some awareness among the people who made PUC and the number of PUC started increasing suddenly. That is, from September 2 to September 18, the average reached 15 thousand per day. After this, the department again issued advisory twice in 15 days. After which an average of 20 thousand PUCs are being made daily from September 19 to October 2. During October 3 to October 6, PUCs have been made on the basis of 20 thousand per day. Now from October 7, the department has started a campaign to cut challans against those without PUC.

The department believes that now the number of PUC certificates should increase. The department has also sent messages to 13 lakh such people on their mobiles on Friday, who have not got PUC made again even after the validity of PUC has expired.

The Transport Department has already announced the imposition of a fine of 10 thousand through public notice for driving a vehicle without a valid PUC. Those driving without a valid PUC will be fined Rs 10,000 as well as suspension of their license for three months.

Following this, the Transport Department has started a big campaign from Thursday. The Transport Department has appealed to the people to cooperate in the campaign against pollution and drive their vehicles with valid PUC. Pollution is a big problem and everyone has to join this campaign together. This campaign of the department will be intensified and strict action will be taken against vehicles causing pollution. Let us tell here that the problem of pollution will increase in Delhi during the winter season. The government is taking all necessary steps to tackle the problem of vehicular pollution. There are about 973 PUC centers in Delhi, where PUC certificate can be made.