Russia-North Korea Relation / Putin broke UN rules for Kim Jong! Gifted favorite special car

Zoom News : Feb 20, 2024, 08:22 AM
Russia-North Korea Relation: Russian President Vladimir Putin has gifted a special car to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This car is for Kim Jong's personal use. It is being told that this gift may be a violation of United Nations rules. Because the United Nations has banned any kind of transaction between Russia and North Korea. Kim's sister thanked Putin and said that the gift reflects the personal relationship between the two top leaders.

Kim Jong is very fond of luxury cars

The official KCNA news agency said the Russian-made car was handed over to Kim's top aides on February 18. The report does not mention how the car was sent from Russia. Kim is believed to be an automobile enthusiast and has a large collection of luxury foreign vehicles. Putin has sent this special gift considering Kim's fondness for luxury cars.

Kim Jong visited Russia last year

Let us tell you that in September last year, Kim Jong had visited Russia by train. During this, Kim inspected Putin's President Orus Senate limousine. Ever since Kim Jong visited Russia, exchanges between the two countries have been increasing rapidly.

North Korea is helping Russia in Ukraine war

North Korea is believed to be supplying artillery, rockets and ballistic missiles to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine. At the same time, the Kremlin has neither denied nor confirmed the use of North Korean-made weapons. North Korea has denied the accusation of sending weapons to Russia.

Took a car ride during the Russia tour

When Kim Jong visited Russia in September last year, Putin gave Kim a ride in his personal car. When Kim was strolling with Putin at his residence, he showed interest in Putin's car 'Aurus Limousine' parked in the driveway. After that meeting, both the countries have developed deep relations.

How much does the car cost?

According to reports, Putin has gifted a car of Russian company Auris Motor to Kim. Let us tell you that the model of the car has not been mentioned in the news, but the starting price of Auris Motor cars starts from around Rs 4 crore. Which is equal to the price of Rolls-Royce cars. Aurus cars are mostly used by Russian officials. Kim Jong's sister Kim Yo Jong received this car and described it as a symbol of the strong friendship between Russia and North Korea.

Kim is fond of cars

The report did not mention which car was given to Kim, nor was it told how it was sent from Russia. It is believed that Kim is fond of automobiles and has a large collection of luxury foreign cars, according to experts, these cars are smuggled for Kim from abroad.