Britain / Queen Elizabeth has trouble walking, will not attend the inaugural session of Parliament, the Prince will read the address

Zoom News : May 10, 2022, 11:36 AM
Britain's veteran Queen Elizabeth is having trouble walking. For this reason, she will not be present at the traditional opening of the session of the British Parliament starting Tuesday.

The Queen's palace, Buckingham Palace, issued a statement on Monday giving this information. The statement said Elizabeth, 96, made this decision reluctantly in consultation with her doctors. The statement issued by the Palace also said that at the request of the Queen, the relevant authorities have agreed to read the address on behalf of the Queen to the Prince of Wales. The Duke of Cambridge will also be present on this occasion.

The Queen's Address is written by the British Government. It is important from both royal and political point of view. In India too, the President's address is held at the commencement of the Parliament sessions. It is an important constitutional duty of the Queen to launch sessions in Britain. This is an important event at the beginning of the session. This could not have happened without the Queen. This time Queen Elizabeth has given this responsibility to the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) and Prince of Cambridge (Prince William). Both of them are UK consultants.

The address also lays out the legislative agenda of the government. MPs also debate on this for several days. This year it is also 70 years since the Queen took over the throne. The Queen made 21 April her birthday. She is the first woman to hold the top post in the British monarchy and the longest-serving queen.

Since taking office in 1952, Queen Elizabeth has not been able to attend the inaugural session of Parliament only twice, in 1959 and 1963. At that time she could not deliver the address due to the pregnancies of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. The Address was then read out by the Lord Chancellor.

According to CNN, in recent months, the Queen has been seen walking on a walking stick. He is feeling very weak and tired since he got corona in February.