Holi Hacks / Quick tips to protect your skin and hair from holi colours best skincare hacks

Zoom News : Mar 18, 2022, 06:04 PM
Best Skincare Hacks for Holi 2022: As much as it is fun to apply color to each other while playing Holi, it is equally difficult to get rid of the color on the skin later. In such a situation, many times people start rubbing vigorously to remove the color on their skin. Due to which the skin gets damaged and the skin starts looking dry and lifeless. If you also have trouble getting rid of colors after playing Holi, then instead of getting upset this Holi, adopt these easy Holi hacks.

Follow these holi hacks to avoid the color of holi

If you are going to play Holi, then apply coconut or mustard oil on your whole body about an hour before that. By applying oil, the colors of Holi do not come in direct contact with the skin and are easily cleaned after washing. Apart from this, the moisture of the skin also remains by applying oil. Whereas the color takes its place more easily on dry skin.

To play Holi, to protect the skin of hands and feet apart from the face, wear such clothes which cover the skin completely. So that the color does not touch your skin directly.

Do not go for bath immediately after playing Holi. To remove skin color stains, first take a cotton cloth and apply soap on it and try to remove the color on your skin. Doing this will remove the color from the face to a great extent.

If there is a burning sensation on the face due to color or if there is more color, after washing the face with cold water, massage the cut potato kept in the fridge. You will get relief from burning sensation in a short time.