Odisha Train Accident / Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the Center over the train accident- 'Ask him anything, he blames Congress'

Zoom News : Jun 05, 2023, 07:57 AM
Odisha Train Accident: Rahul Gandhi has attacked the Modi government at the Center from America regarding the Odisha accident. Addressing a gathering of NRIs in New York on Monday, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress did not blame the British for train accidents during its rule, rather the railway minister took responsibility and resigned. BJP and RSS are unable to see the future of the people.

Rahul, who went on a 10-day US tour, said that whatever they (the central government) ask, they will look back. If you ask the government why the train accident happened, they will say that Congress did this 50 years ago. You would ask them why they removed evolution and the periodic table from the books? They will say that Congress did this 60 years ago. The immediate reaction from their side is to look back.

Referring to a train accident that happened in the Congress government, Rahul said that I remember a train accident when the Congress party was in power, the Congress did not say that the accident happened because of the fault of the British. The Railway Minister had said that it is my responsibility and I am resigning. It is a problem that the BJP led government makes excuses and does not accept the reality.

“If questions are made on mistakes, then the blame is given to Congress.

He claimed that BJP has a habit of not accepting anything. Makes mistakes and when questioned puts the blame on Congress. Rahul had also said on Sunday that PM Narendra Modi should demand immediate resignation from Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav. There is no accountability even after the death of more than 270 people. The government cannot run away from taking responsibility for the incident.

Significantly, a painful accident took place in Balasore, Odisha when the Coromandel Express running at a speed above 120 derailed. After being derailed, it collided with a goods train standing on the loop line. While some bogies collided with the Yeshwantpur Express passing through the adjacent track. According to the information given by the Railway Board, 275 passengers have lost their lives in the accident.