Lok Sabha Election / Rahul Gandhi trapped after commenting on Savarkar? Court can issue notice of appearance

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 28, 2024, 08:37 AM
Lok Sabha Election: Amidst the elections, a bad news has come out for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. VD Savarkar's grandson had accused Rahul Gandhi of defaming Savarkar. Now Pune Police has presented its investigation report in the court which states that there is prima facie truth in the complaint filed against Rahul Gandhi. According to the information, now the court can issue notice to Rahul Gandhi to appear in this case. Let us know what this whole matter is.

What is the whole matter?

Satyaki Ashok Savarkar, grandson of VD Savarkar, has alleged that Rahul Gandhi had defamed Hindutva thinker Savarkar by making false claims in a speech given in London in the year 2023. A complaint was filed against Rahul Gandha under sections 499 and 500. Now Satyaki Savarkar's lawyer has said that the report in this case has been submitted in the court of Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Akshi Jain. The court can issue a notice to Rahul Gandhi and ask him to appear.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

In fact, according to the complaint, Rahul Gandhi had claimed in his speech that VD Savarkar had written in a book that he and his five-six friends had once beaten up a Muslim man and Savarkar was happy with it.   Satyaki Savarkar had said that no such incident had ever happened and VD Savarkar had never written anything like this anywhere. Rahul Gandhi's statement was described as imaginary, false and malicious.

What did the police say in the report?

According to the information, Vishrambag police has presented its report in the court and in its investigation has told that VD Savarkar had not written about such an incident in any of his books. Even after this, Rahul Gandhi made such remarks during his speech and defamed Savarkar. Police have said that there is prima facie truth in the complaint lodged by Satyaki Savarkar.