Rajasthan / Raj MLA stages dharna in police station over nephew's drunk driving arrest

Zoom News : Oct 19, 2021, 06:59 PM
Jodhpur: A Rajasthan Congress MLA and her husband sat on a dharna and argued with the police personnel to release her nephew who was caught for drunken driving. While arguing with the police, the MLA kept saying that kids often drink and make mistakes, but her request must be acknowledged.

The Congress MLA, Meena Kunwar, and her husband Umaid Singh staged a dharna while squatting inside the police station in Jodhpur’s Shergarh after her nephew was nabbed by the police.

A video of the MLA and her husband arguing with the police while sitting on the floor of the Ratanada police station and demanding the police to release her nephew is now going viral on social media.

During the argument, the MLA says she had requested the police to release her nephew. Both the MLA and her husband argue that “all kids drink at times” and it is no big deal. “I had requested you to release him. I have it recorded on my phone,” says the Congress MLA.

While the police refused to let the accused go, the MLA threatened to continue with her dharna at the police station even as her husband kept making calls on his cellphone.

Later, she sees an officer shooting a video of the entire argument when she warns him. A police officer is also seen telling the couple to talk with some “humanity”. To this, Umaid Singh is heard saying he won’t.

Umaid Singh even went to threaten the personnel saying, “Only yesterday some of the officers from this station got suspended. Did you forget that?”

Meanwhile, MLA's nephew's car was seized by the police. Later, she took it herself and got it released from custody. Eventually, the vehicle was released after the intervention of the DCP.

While the incident took place on Sunday night, the video is going viral now, causing much embarrassment to the party.