CM Bhajanlal Sharma / Rajasthan CM Bhajan Lal now VVIP will stop at red light, traffic protocol ended

Zoom News : Feb 22, 2024, 09:40 AM
CM Bhajanlal Sharma: Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma has taken a big decision on Wednesday. The Chief Minister has abolished the VVIP traffic protocol in entire Rajasthan. This means that now the Chief Minister himself will follow traffic rules like a common man. There will be no changes of any kind in traffic for them. After this decision of Rajasthan Government, now the problems faced by common people due to VVIP movement will be relieved.

It is being told that the Chief Minister himself has decided to end the traffic protocol during VVIP movement. Due to VVIP movement, it is often seen that ambulances get stuck due to traffic jams, due to which patients also have to face problems.

Decision taken considering the problems of common people

In view of the problems and issues faced by the common people due to changes in traffic, the Chief Minister has decided to abolish the VVIP traffic protocol. According to the information, after taking the decision, the Chief Minister has given instructions to the DGP. After this decision, all the leaders and ministers including the Chief Minister will have to follow the traffic rules.

Many big decisions have already been taken

In fact, after the resounding victory in the assembly elections held in Rajasthan at the end of last year, BJP has made Bhajanlal Sharma the new Chief Minister of the state. Since taking charge of the state as Chief Minister, Bhajanlal Sharma has taken many major decisions. Immediately after taking oath as CM, Bhajanlal Sharma had taken three major decisions.

Anti Gangster Task Force was formed

In these three decisions, the work was done to form SIT in Rajasthan paper leak case and to form anti-gangster task force in the state and to form a committee for the schemes of the Centre. These three decisions were considered important because these are issues directly related to the public. Due to paper leak, the future of thousands of students was hanging in balance. On the other hand, the formation of Anti Gangster Task Force to control gangsters in the state was also very important from the point of view of safety of common people.