Jaipur / Rajasthan government spent more than Rs 50 lakh on Maharashtra Congress MLAs in 5 days

Zoom News : Nov 14, 2019, 10:28 AM
Jaipur:  Congress MLAs from Maharashtra have been staying in a resort of Pili Talai near Amer for five days. More than 10 lakh rupees are being spent daily on the living and eating of these MLAs. That is, more than 50 lakh rupees have been spent in five days. After the imposition of President's rule in Maharashtra, people are now interested in knowing the name of the leader who paid the expenses of the resort and taxis.

The daily cost of a garden with private pool in the resort is 18 thousand rupees. The cost of staying in the Royal Villa is 26 thousand rupees daily. Along with this, the cost of food and drink is different. The MLAs are doing religious tours in addition to Jaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Salasar Balaji and surrounding districts. A separate arrangement of luxury vehicles has been made for them. Wherever the MLAs are going, they are being given full security separately from the government.

The MLAs stayed at the resort of Talai village

Maharashtra is staying at a resort on the banks of the Pukh river in the Talai village of Pili near Amer. The resort has been in the news in the past, but the name has been made across the country. People say that there has never been such a VIP movement in the village before. Earlier only the bus and car of tourists used to come and go. Now it is interested that 'foreigners MLAs when will you go.' Police had also given the responsibility of tight security to this resort located at Tali in Talai. More than 100 policemen were deployed in plain uniform along with the resort gate. A policeman said that there is a strict order to identify the identity.

Big question - Who is raising the expenses of MLAs?

President's rule has been imposed in Maharashtra. Despite this, 40 Congress MLAs brought from Rajasthan to Maharashtra were here till midnight on Tuesday. Senior Congress leader Avinash Pandey and other leaders kept in touch with the high command in Delhi. There is a discussion in political circles that this political drama is now going on to increase the number of which leader. Now the Congress MLAs stay in Jaipur, even if Maharashtra, it is going to make no difference. Despite this, 40 MLAs are being hidden in Jaipur. Not only this, who are spending these legislators and big leaders giving them political discourse in the so expensive Buena Vista Hotel of the French company, lodging, food and other fun?

Congress was afraid of horse-trading

The election result of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly with 288 seats was declared on 24 October. A sudden crackdown in the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance led to the Congress MLAs being brought to Jaipur under impoundment 15 days after the result. These MLAs have stayed in a hotel since 8 November. Till the time President's rule was not imposed, it was believed that no big party should buy and sell them to get power. Now President's rule has been imposed there. Now if a new alliance is formed, then it is being said that the possibility of NCP-Shiv Sena is the same. In such a situation, what will be the asking of Congress MLAs, it is a matter to be seen. If they can support any coalition government, its decision will also be at the behest of Delhi High Command. There is also a discussion that who is such a leader or MLA, then it is incurring the cost of increasing the number of a senior. If the party is also raising, then why new traditions are being inserted after the case is closed.

50 lakhs spent on MLAs, so why did the government not make a new road?

There is a rough-paved road going from Amer Road to the resort within two km. Here there is more gravel road than broken road of asphalt. The dust from the luxury trains coming to the resort is a problem for the villagers. People say that Congress MLAs are staying in the village and the party has a government in the state. The villagers felt that the condition of roads here is going to improve.

Legislators said-  Did not allow BJP to form Government, It is the victory of Congress

The MLAs staying at the resort came to the terrace on Tuesday evening after the announcement of President's rule in Maharashtra. The legislators greeted with hands showing the 'V' ie Vijay Mudra. Congress state in-charge Avinash Pandey, Maharashtra MLAs including Raghu Sharma said that the BJP has succeeded in not allowing the government to form in Maharashtra. This is the victory of Congress.

Legislators want - Maharashtra elections should not be held immediately

Despite the deterioration of power in Maharashtra, 40 Congress MLAs from Maharashtra, who are staying in Jaipur, do not want to conduct the assembly elections immediately. They want a permanent government in the state. For this, they are ready to join any government, but have left the whole decision to Sonia Gandhi. On Tuesday, the state in-charge of Rajasthan, Avinash Pandey, consulted the MLAs.

What to do next: Government can be formed on getting a letter of support

, according to the constitution experts, President's rule is for 6 months of course, but if the parties want then they can form a government in the next few days. For this, the majority has to be shown. That is, the signature of more than 145 MLAs on the letter of support is necessary. After receiving a letter of support, the Governor can ask the Center to end President's rule. But, if the governor finds evidence of horse-trading, he can also reject the demand to form a government.