India / Rajnath Singh Replies To Rahul Gandhi, Says Indian Army showed bravery in Tawang

Zoom News : Dec 17, 2022, 12:19 PM
Rajnath Singh Statement: India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has responded to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi regarding the Tawang clash. Rajnath Singh said that politics is that which works to take the society forward. Whether it is Galwan or Tawang, I myself cannot imagine what kind of charisma was performed by our army. India's respect has increased in the international community, everyone accepts it. This makes our chest wide. India's prestige has increased in the international world. India's stature has become very high.

Bravery of army shown in Tawang

Responding to Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that the bravery of the army was seen in Tawang. Army showed charisma in Tawang and Galvan. For this, the praise of the Indian Army is less. Proud of Indian Army.

Now India sets the agenda

Rajnath Singh said that earlier India used to speak something in international forums, so its words were not taken seriously. Didn't listen carefully. They used to hear from this ear and throw it out from the other ear, but today when India speaks something at the International Forum, people open their ears and hold their ears to hear what India is saying. India has become very strong. India is presiding over the G-20. India is now working to set the agenda.

No intention to occupy other's land

Rajnath Singh said that India wants to become a superpower. India works for the welfare of the whole world. We will never have the intention of occupying an inch of land from any country.

He said that during his address from the Red Fort, PM Narendra Modi had told the country about five pledges, which are necessary to make India a super power. But it should not be assumed that we want to dominate any country or our intention is to occupy even an inch of land of any country.