Country / Registration and fitness certificate of old vehicles became costlier by 8 times

Zoom News : Oct 07, 2021, 06:17 PM
If your vehicle is more than 15 years old, then next time you will have to pay 8 times more fee for its registration renewal. The owners of heavy commercial vehicles like bus-truck will have to pay 8 times more fee for fitness certificate. The new rules will come into effect from April 2022. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification in this matter on October 4.

Old car will have to be expensive

However, the new rules will not affect Delhi-NCR. The reason is that 10 year old diesel and 15 year old petrol vehicles are already banned here. According to the report of the Times of India, the notification of the ministry states that Rs 5000 will have to be spent from April next year for re-registration of a 15-year-old car. Whereas at this time its fee is only 600 rupees.

Similarly, for registration and renewal of old bikes, Rs 1000 will have to be spent from April next year as against Rs 300 till now. Similarly, in the case of buses and trucks, Rs 12500 will have to be spent for the fitness renewal certificate. Now it costs 1500 rupees for this. The delay in renewal of registration of private vehicles will attract Rs 300 per month. In case of commercial vehicles, Rs 500 will have to be paid every month. Delay in the fitness certificate of commercial vehicles will attract a fine of Rs 50 per day.

The purpose of increasing the fees is to keep people away from driving old vehicles. In case of private vehicles that are 15 years old, it will be mandatory for the owner to renew the registration every 5 years. Similarly, renewal of fitness certificate is mandatory every year after completion of 8 years in case of commercial vehicles. Fees for manual and automatic fitness test of vehicles have also been prescribed in the notification. The government aims to do away with the manual system of fitness checks, which are prone to manipulation or rigging.

PM had launched the scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Automobile Scraping Policy in August. The PM had said that this policy will play a big role in scientifically removing unfit vehicles in the country. The PM had also enumerated four advantages of this policy-

The PM had said that the first benefit would be that a certificate would be given on scrapping the old vehicle. Those who have this certificate will not have to pay any money for registration on the purchase of a new vehicle. He will also be given some exemption in road tax.

The second benefit will be that the maintenance cost, repair cost and fuel efficiency (ie Fuel Efficiency) of the old vehicle will also be saved.

The third benefit is directly related to life. Due to old vehicles, old technology, the risk of road accident is very high, which will get rid of it.

Fourth, it will reduce the effect that pollution has on our health.

Under the scrap policy, commercial vehicles will be scrapped after 15 years and private vehicles after 20 years. However, only the year is not meant. Vehicles will be scrapped even if they are repeatedly unfit in the fitness test.