AMERICA / Relief to thousands of Indian expatriates, Biden administration announced to extend the expiry of the migrant work permit by 1.5 years

Zoom News : May 04, 2022, 11:18 AM
The Biden administration has given relief to immigrants in the US whose work permit was about to expire. The Biden administration has announced an automatic extension of the work permit deadline for certain categories of immigrants. Including the spouses of green card-seekers and H-1B visa holders, who get an Employment Authorization Card (EAD) for one-and-a-half years.

Thousands of Indian expatriates are likely to benefit from this move announced on Tuesday by the US Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Home Security said that the existing EAD gets an extension of 180 days automatically, which will be extended to 540 days on the expiry date.

Ur M. Jaddou, director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), said that "USCIS works to look at the number of pending EAD cases, so the agency has determined that the employment authorization is currently being granted for up to 180 days." automatic expansion is insufficient."

He added that "this temporary rule will provide relief to non-citizens who are eligible for an automatic extension for any reason. It will give them the opportunity to maintain their employment and provide significant support for their families. While giving American employers You will get rid of the trouble caused by this matter.

According to USCIS, non-citizens with pending EAD renewal applications whose 180-day automatic extension has expired and whose EAD has expired. They will be granted employment authorization and an additional period of EAD validity commencing from May 4, 2022, from the date of expiry of their EAD and lasting up to 540 days. They can resume their employment if they are still within and eligible for the 540-day automatic extension period.

However, non-citizens will still be given an additional extension of up to 360 days out of a total of 540 days after the end of the current EAD with the renewal application pending under the 180-day automatic extension.

Ajay Jain Bhutoria, leader of the Indian-American community, pointed out that "the change will immediately help about 87,000 immigrants whose work authorization has expired or is due to end in the next 30 days. Overall, the government's effort is to ensure that the work is done." About 4,20,000 immigrants who have to renew permits should be saved from the danger of losing work.

The policy is meant to fix an unprecedented backlog of 1.5 million work permit applications at the country's legal immigration agency, leaving thousands unable to work legally, and widening the labor shortage.