India-US News / America recognized the strength of skilled Indians, US MP said 'such Indian professionals are needed'

Zoom News : Mar 14, 2024, 08:44 AM
India-US News: There is huge demand for Indian professionals in America. The dominance of Indians in America's economy and American politics is not hidden from anyone. The status and position of Indians settled in America is enough to show how much America is influenced by India. Now even the public representatives of America have started believing in India's strength. The echo of India's growing influence at the global level is now being heard in America as well. This is why Matt Cartwright, MP from the 8th Congressional District of Pennsylvania in America, said that America is in dire need of Indian professionals. For this reason, Cartwright has also demanded removal of the 7 percent quota for issuing green cards.

Actually, a large number of people of Indian origin reside in America. This is why America needs more Indians who can live there and contribute more to America's development. In an interview given to news agency PTI, US MP Matt Cartwright has also appealed to abolish the green card cap for Indians.?

Demand to remove 7 percent green card quota

America issues green cards to only 7% of Indians every year. Cartwright has demanded the removal of this quota. Cartwright said that it is very important that when Indians are looking for jobs, they come and settle in America, because America needs high quality, highly skilled and smart people.

Matt Cartwright is the congressman from Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District. Cartwright has long been pleading to remove the green card quota.

Indians are in great need

He said that America has limited 7 percent quota for every country, but due to this big democratic and friendly countries like India suffer losses. Many people in India are highly educated and in America they do not get a chance due to the limitation of 7 percent quota. If such people do not get a chance in America, it would be foolish of America.

America needs high skilled Indians

He said that America has always welcomed bright and highly skilled people to come here and strengthen our economy. And this has been going on for hundreds of years. Therefore, imposing this arbitrary quota of 7 percent is a mistake. Cartwright said that international trade between the two countries is very important. And it is also very important that more and more people from India come here.

What is green card

The Green Card is officially known as the Permanent Residence Card in the US. This is a document issued to immigrants in America, under which the visa holder is given the right to reside permanently. There is a fixed limit per country for issuing green cards. It is estimated that 23.5 million people in America are of Asian origin. Maximum 52 lakh citizens are of Chinese origin. At second place are 48 lakh people of Indian origin.