Rajasthan New CM / Revelation on the barricade of MLAs - Did the MLAs come to the resort at the behest of Vasundhara's son?

Zoom News : Dec 07, 2023, 05:32 PM
Rajasthan New CM: There is maximum stir regarding Rajasthan at this time. A big revelation has come to light in the case of enclosure of MLAs in the state. On one hand, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has gone to Delhi to meet the high command, while on the other hand, her son Dushyant has been accused of doing resort politics. MLA Lalit Meena's father Hemraj Meena alleges that the MLA had come to the resort on the instructions of Dushyant Singh. He said that MLA Kanwarlal Meena stopped these MLAs. Let us tell you that Kanwarlal Meena is the MLA from Anta seat of Baran. Hemraj Meena said that I informed CP Joshi about the incident.

What allegations were made against Vasundhara's son?

Lalit Meena's father and former MLA Hemraj Meena said, my son and the MLAs of Jhalawar Baran were taken to Jaipur by Vasundhara Raje's son Dushyant Singh. When Lalit did not return home in the evening, I talked to him. Lalit Meena said that they are in a resort on Sikar Road. After that Hemraj Meena also reached the resort but the MLAs here said that he would go to the office. One of them, Anta MLA Kanwarlal, stopped everyone. Kanwarlal said to talk to Dushyant Singh.

Hemraj Meena told that Dushyant Singh had asked 7 MLAs not to go to the party office. He had asked everyone to stay in the hotel only. Lalit Meena was also among these 7 MLAs, he told this to his father Hemraj. Hemraj took his son from the hotel and told the entire incident to party general secretary Arun Singh. Hemraj says that only party general secretary Arun Singh will be able to tell whether this is against the discipline of the party or not. The remaining 6 MLAs are said to be from Jhalawar-Baran. All these MLAs were accommodated in a hotel on Sikar Road.

What did the BJP state president and in-charge say?

In this matter, BJP state president CP Joshi said that I do not have information about the hotel etc. but it is true that I had met Lalit Meena's father on Tuesday evening. At the same time, state in-charge Arun Singh said that I am not concerned and it is not a special thing. For workers and MLAs, the party office is like a temple, they should have faith here.

Confession of MLA Lalit Meena's father-

MLAs were called to the resort to meet

7 MLAs had gone to meet

3 were MLAs of Jhalwad, 3 Baran, 1 Kishanganj.

wanted to shift to another place

Party leadership was told, plan failed

Vasundhara will meet JP Nadda

Meanwhile, Vasundhara Raje has come to Delhi. As soon as he came to Delhi, the incident at the resort came to light and now he has been summoned by party president JP Nadda. According to the information, JP Nadda has called Vasudhanra Raje for a meeting at his residence at 5 pm.

The whole drama happened on Tuesday

It is being told that the high command is very angry with Vasundhara Raje regarding this incident. There was a high profile drama in the Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday night. It is being told that 5-6 MLAs of BJP Kota division were staying in a resort on Sikar Road. These MLAs had made a plan to go to Behror in the night itself. However, later the matter was resolved through talks and after that at 4 in the morning those MLAs were evacuated from there. It is being told that all this has happened at the behest of some big leader of the state.