England vs Pakistan / Rohit Sharma's record is about to be broken! England batsman can do charisma

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 22, 2024, 04:30 PM
England vs Pakistan: The T20 International match series between England and Pakistan is starting from today. This will be the last series before the T20 World Cup. The last match of the series is on May 30 and the T20 World Cup will begin from June 1. Meanwhile, if everything goes well, then a record of Team India captain Rohit Sharma can be broken. This work can be done by none other than England captain Jos Buttler. 

Jos Buttler comes close to completing three thousand runs in T20 International 

In fact, when Jos Buttler comes out to play his first T20 match against Pakistan today, he can complete three thousand runs in this format. For this he needs only 73 more runs. Although till now many batsmen from all over the world have scored three thousand runs in T20 International, but if any batsman has reached here in the least number of innings i.e. the fastest, then his name is Mohammad Rizwan. Rizwan had touched this figure in just 79 innings. Whereas Babar Azam and Virat Kohli had completed three thousand runs after playing 81 matches. 

Rohit Sharma had completed 3 thousand runs in T20 International in 108 innings. 

Indian captain Rohit Sharma had completed 3 thousand runs in T20 International by playing 108 innings. But Jos Buttler can back them up. Jos Buttler has played 105 innings of 114 matches so far. That means, if Buttler scores 73 more runs in the next two innings, he will complete three thousand runs and will reach this milestone before Rohit Sharma. 

Jos Buttler can score the most runs for England in this format 

No batsman from England has so far been able to score three thousand runs in this format, which means Jos Buttler will become the first English batsman to do so. In this case, if we talk about England's batsmen, former captain Eoin Morgan is at second place. He had scored 2458 runs in 107 innings of 115 matches. If Buttler scores 73 runs in two innings, he will leave Rohit behind, but if he takes three innings, he will equal Rohit. That means they are going to be kept an eye on in the first few matches of this series.