World / Russian President Putin is using blackmail and threats and forcing dangerous prisoners to fight in Ukraine

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 07:04 PM
Russia Ukraine War: Russian President Vladimir Putin has prepared a new and dangerous plan for Ukraine. Under this plan, Putin is now forcing the dreaded prisoners of Russia to fight in Ukraine. Putin is using blackmail and threats as a weapon to force Russians to join the army, as well as threatening severe torture and long sentences for those who refuse to join the army. The population of people imprisoned in Russian prisons was reduced by 23 thousand in just two months, because Putin's government wanted to fill the supply of the army with prisoners, strictness was also done for this.

Russia had told the prisoners that if they join the army for the war, their prison sentence would be waived, but now the situation has changed. Putin's government has announced to adopt a more brutal strategy for army recruitment.

Under this strategy, the condition of those who refuse to fight will be made such that they will not be able to walk even a step, or else they will be banished. Whereas due to the poor training of the recruited people and lack of weapons, these prisoners are likely to die immediately after joining the army.

This recruitment drive of prisoners is being carried out in the most difficult areas of Russia. It is being trained to join the army in many other places including Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk inside the Arctic Circle and Yakutia in Siberia and the Far East of Russia.

A target has also been set for the officers keeping the prisoners in the army, under which 150 to 200 prisoners have to be taken from each jail, in this too those prisoners who have been involved in maximum crimes, that is, who are the most dreaded. According to the report of the Daily Mirror, the relatives of the prisoners told that it is impossible to refuse these new orders of Putin, because there is a danger of death if refused.

He told that some prisoners were beaten so badly that they could not even walk. Also, there is a possibility that his sentence may be increased and he may have to face a terrible choice.

It is also being said that the death of the prisoners is certain, because if they move from the front, they will be a victim of cannon balls and if they retreat, the government can kill them. All the means of communication of the prisoners have been closed. Their contact with the outside world has been cut off. The place where they are kept is so remote and isolated that they can easily be erased from the record.