Bollywood / Sara Ali Khan Funny Crossover Video with Netflix Squid Game

Zoom News : Oct 11, 2021, 09:06 PM
Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is very active on social media. On the one hand, where Sara shows her hot style on Instagram, she also shares her funny videos. Meanwhile, Sara Ali Khan has shared a funny crossover video of Netflix's Squid Game.

Sara became a part of squid game

Actually Sara Ali Khan has shared a video on Instagram. In the video, she is seen being a part of the squid game with her friend. In the video, it is seen that Sara Ali Khan runs with her friend when the song is played and then stops. But she shakes because of the friend repeatedly saying hello and then she gets shot.

Sarah's Greeting Style

Fans are very fond of this funny video. Millions of likes and views have come on this video in a short time. Thousands of fans have commented there. Sharing this video, Sara Ali Khan wrote in the caption, 'If Sara Ali Khan was a squid game game? Even then his style of greeting would remain the same.

squid game released on netflix

Let us tell you that 'Squid Game' is a web series, which has been released on Netflix some time ago. In the series, some people who are facing severe financial crunch play a game that can win a lot of money, but the one who loses in it, dies. The series is also being compared to the Bollywood film Luck.