Bollywood / Sara Ali Khan hides her face from paparazzi after gym session

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 04:01 PM
Sara Ali Khan Gym Looks: Sara Ali Khan is very media friendly. No matter where the actress is spotted, Sara is never seen avoiding the cameras, but today after the gym session, the actress was seen hiding herself from the cameras.

Sara Ali Khan came out after her Pilates session and quickly got into her car. Her car, which often used to stay away, was parked just outside the gate of the building today, which clearly showed that Sara had already made up her mind not to come in front of the cameras.

Even after sitting in the car, it was clear from Sara's actions that she was not at all ready to be photographed by paparazzi. As soon as he sat in the car, he lowered his head and hid his face in his knees. And then his car left from there.

Sara, who has been in discussion about her gym look till now, has now come into the discussion about why she did this. After all, what was that thing that was covered. Because Sara has often been spotted outside the Pilates class and she never fails to pose for the media.

Now these pictures are going viral on social media while hiding Sara Ali Khan's face. Although people are supporting Sara regarding this. He says that sometimes even the celebs are not in the mood to get their photos clicked, so what they did is not wrong at all.

Many films of Sara Ali Khan are going to be released in the coming days. She will be seen in a movie with Vicky Kaushal whose shooting has been completed and apart from that she is going to appear in a film named Gaslight with Vikrant Massey.