UK News / Scorching sun, bear skin cap, woolen clothes in the body; Soldier faints in front of Prince William

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2023, 01:20 PM
UK News: What will happen to someone if he stands for hours wearing woolen clothes and cap under the open sky in such a scorching heat? He will fall unconscious. His condition will worsen. The same happened in Britain. Amidst the scorching sun, three soldiers fell unconscious in front of Prince William. He had put on a woolen dress and a bear skin cap in the 30 degree Celsius temperature. Suddenly three soldiers fell on the ground one after the other.

In such a scorching heat, where a person gets sweaty even after wearing a shirt and pants, these soldiers had to stand for hours wearing thick clothes and woolen caps like winter. Due to this his condition worsened and he fell down in front of the prince. According to a report, they were parading in front of Prince William for the annual Trooping the Color Parade. This was the last parade of rehearsal. During this, three soldiers fainted. Prince William tweeted. He wrote that many thanks to every soldier who participated in the rehearsal today even in such heat. You all did a really great job even in difficult times.

Three soldiers fainted one after the other

Prince William tweeted another. In it, he wrote that a lot of hard work and preparation goes into organizing such an event. It is a credit to all those who take part in it. Especially in today's circumstances. A soldier had fallen unconscious. But despite this he was trying to get up. He was getting ready to take part in the parade by getting up from the back. After he fell, the medical team rushed to help him. According to the BBC, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a heatwave alert for South England. A rehearsal parade was taking place for the Trooping the Colour.