Bollywood / Shah Rukh Khan take break for daughter suhana khan from movies Pathan Jawan Dunki

Zoom News : Dec 03, 2022, 11:16 AM
Shah Rukh Khan Daughter Suhana Khan: Bollywood's King Khan i.e. Shah Rukh Khan is once again returning to the big screen to show his kingship. Shah Rukh Khan Movies has been away from the big screen for almost 4 years. King Khan, who is making a comeback with films like 'Pathan' and 'Jawan', has openly talked about his four-year long break and upcoming movies.

Why did Shahrukh Khan stay away from films for four years?

Shahrukh Khan (Shah Rukh Khan New Movie) is in a lot of discussion these days about his new films. Recently, the actor had also come to participate in the Red Sea International Festival. During the festival, Shah Rukh Khan Daughter told in a conversation with Deadline that he was on a break because of his daughter Suhana Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan said, 'Suhana had gone to study in New York, I waited for my daughter's call for 8 months, thinking she would call me as I was not signing any film. Then one day I called him and said- can I start working now? The daughter replied - Why are you not working? I said- I thought you would call me if you feel lonely in New York...'

Shahrukh Khan (Shah Rukh Khan Daughter) did not work for four years worrying about his daughter. He used to think that whenever Suhana (Suhana Khan) would miss the house, he would immediately go to her. In such a situation, work and shooting came in between, so he took a long break.

shahrukh khan wants to do action film

Shah Rukh Khan Upcoming Movies told in another interview, he now wants to do action films for the next 10 years. He wants to work in a top action film like 'Mission Impossible'. This is the reason why Shah Rukh Khan (Shah Rukh Khan Movies) is now returning after a break of four years through films like 'Jawan' and 'Pathan'.