BJP Convention / Slogans of 'Modi hai toh mumkin hai' raised in BJP session

Zoom News : Feb 17, 2024, 06:40 PM
BJP Convention: BJP's two-day national convention is going on in Bharat Mandapam, Delhi. PM Narendra Modi also participated in this program. Party President JP Nadda welcomed Modi by wearing a shawl. PM told the workers- The party will have to increase 370 votes at every booth. A 100-day public relations campaign has to be run. The works of BJP in the last 10 years will also have to be publicized. On the other hand, JP Nadda said – The country has faith in Modi's guarantee. BJP has government in 17 states. We have won Rajasthan-Chhattisgarh. This time we will win in Bengal also.

More than 11 thousand 500 party officials from across the country will gather in the national convention. In this meeting of the National Executive and National Council, a roadmap will be prepared for victory in the Lok Sabha elections. Also, Prime Minister Modi will be thanked for the major and decisive decisions taken by the party during the last 10 years in power.

Big things of PM in the executive meeting...

PM said that the target of taking BJP beyond 370 and NDA beyond 400 is not just a figure. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had sacrificed his life to make Jammu and Kashmir an unbreakable and indivisible part of India. This will be a true tribute to him.

At every booth, BJP workers should increase the votes by at least 370 votes compared to the last time they met for the next 100 days. He said that those who are first time voters should be motivated to vote in favor of BJP with all their might. Women should not be considered mere voters but should receive the blessings of mothers and sisters.

The PM said that the opposition will do politics of 'Tu Tu Main Main' and will raise the issue of unnecessary allegations. But we have to gain public support on the basis of poor welfare works and development achievements.

Important points of JP Nadda's address at the convention...

Today BJP has become the largest political party in the world. Before 2014, we had governments in only 5 states and for a long time we were stuck in 5-6. After 2014, today there are NDA governments in 17 states and pure BJP governments in 12 states.

We have seen every period in the history of Bharatiya Jan Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party for 7 decades. We have seen periods of conflict, we have seen emergency. But we are happy that the last decade under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi ji is full of achievements.

Before 2014, people used to ridicule us, saying that sir you will form the entire government, they thought that this is not possible. But after 2014 our government was formed and in 2019 our government was formed again.

Possibility of presenting political and economic proposals

1. Political and Economic Proposals:

It is being said that political and economic proposals can be presented in the national convention. In the political proposal, counting the major achievements of the Modi government in the last 10 years, its road map for the third consecutive victory in the 2024 elections will be presented. In the economic proposal, a resolution will be taken to make India the third largest economy in the world, which the Prime Minister himself has announced. In view of the farmers' movement, it is believed that by discussing the work done by PM Modi for the farmers so far, proposals can also be made on the schemes proposed for the farmers in future.

2. Motion of thanks on construction of Ram temple:

A motion of thanks for the construction of Ram temple can also be brought in the national convention of BJP. BJP wants to take the issue of construction of Ram temple to the people, for which a proposal will be brought. A vote of thanks may also come on the recent victory of the party in three states.

Besides, a motion of thanks can also be taken on the Women's Reservation Bill passed by Parliament last year. BJP wants to go to the elections with more vigor with its slogan of women empowerment. To keep the issue of nationalism hot, BJP can also bring a proposal related to Aksai Chin and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

3.Party motion of thanks regarding G-20 organized in India:

This time the convention is being held in Bharat Mandapam, in which G-20 programs were held. The party wants to send a message to the public through its leaders that under the leadership of PM Modi, India has become self-reliant in providing world class infrastructure and facilities.