Jharkhand / State topper class 10 2022 abhijeet success story

Zoom News : Jun 22, 2022, 07:37 AM
Jamshedpur | Abhijeet Sharma, a student of Bishtupur Shri Ramakrishna Mission School, Jamshedpur, achieved the distinction of becoming a state topper in matriculation. His father Akhilesh Sharma distributes newspapers and then does door-to-door carpentry work. The family runs with great difficulty. Mother Tiloka Sharma is a housewife. He lives on rent in a small house in block number four of Shastrinagar. Abhijeet's father pays the house rent of Rs 3500 every month.

Abhijeet's father earns 10-12 thousand rupees every month by distributing newspapers and doing carpentry work. This is how his whole family runs. Abhijeet has got 490 marks out of total 500 marks. Abhijeet has secured 100 marks in Hindi, 100 in Mathematics, 99 in Science, 97 in Social Science, 94 marks in English. Abhijeet said that he wants to become a software engineer. Enrolled in 11th in Baldwin. The whole family lives in Shastrinagar itself. Abhijeet did not take any tuition till class IX. Took tuition a few months back for matriculation exams.

story full of struggle

There is a struggle story of Abhijeet Sharma, a state topper student of matriculation examination. Abhijeet Sharma, son of carpenter Akhilesh Sharma, who lives behind the petrol pump located near Bhatia Park in Kadma, is the only son of his parents. When his father's work got slow, he started doing newspaper hockeying. He wanted to make his son an employee of the company by putting his son in the apprentice competition of Tata Steel. But, the son wants to become a software engineer, so he is currently enrolled in the Baldwin School in Science.

The stomach of the family filled by demanding in Corona

His struggle is hidden in the anguish that father Akhilesh Sharma tells about his son's education. He told that from the very beginning his son was absorbed in studies. Apart from studies, he never paid any attention to anyone. He felt that his son would do something at some point or the other, so he got him enrolled in Ramakrishna Mission School. They were always worried about his education. For him, the Corona period was the most difficult of circumstances. They didn't even have food to eat. The one who used to donate, used to bring ration to him and then the stove of the house would burn. But, even then, he never let the son's studies get affected. At that time there was a need for mobile because studies were being done online. So, he took a loan and bought a second hand mobile and is still paying its debt. Never let the son be defeated or disappointed. Because, it was known that his son would illuminate his name and today when people started getting calls, I felt a sense of pride. The son has topped the state. That happiness cannot be described.

Mother Tiloka Sharma says that the son is her friend and he always shares his things like a friend. It seemed from his words that education was the basis of his life and he wanted to become a software engineer. In this direction, he continued his studies and today he has brought laurels to both the parents.

Akhilesh Sharma, originally from Aurangabad, Bihar

According to Akhilesh Sharma, originally a resident of Aurangabad, Bihar, when the work of carpenter started getting less, he started distributing paper as a hawker and is doing the same even today. Due to this his house is running and the education of the child is also going on. They also distribute papers in Kadma area. He has lived every situation for his son and he wants the son to shine on the same heights tomorrow as he is doing today. With this objective, after asking for loan from its customers, he has got admission in English medium school. People gave loans for admission. He has said that keep studying, keep paying back the loan. According to Akhilesh Sharma, he is a matriculation failure. The mother has studied up to class three, but she wants to see her son at the top of the world of education. Akhilesh Sharma told that today he had a great desire to take a selfie of his son and send it to all the media persons, but this morning his mobile phone fell and broke. Even now the loan of that mobile has not been paid, but it is a matter of happiness that the sorrow of the morning outweighed the progress and victory of the son in the evening.