ODI World Cup / Stirred by PCB Chief's latest statement - Will Pakistan not come to India to play the World Cup?

Zoom News : Jun 17, 2023, 12:16 PM
ODI World Cup: Pakistan is bound by habit. How will the eagle come? After the finalization of the schedule of the Asia Cup, the words spoken by him have once again raised the suspense on his playing in the ODI World Cup to be held in India. Whereas, it was believed that everything has been resolved after the dates of the Asia Cup were fixed. Pakistan also has no problem in coming to India and playing the ODI World Cup. But, it is not visible now.

In this matter, the latest statement of Najam Sethi, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has created a stir. He was again seen talking the same thing, which he was doing when BCCI and ACC were refusing to adopt their hybrid model regarding Asia Cup.

Stirred by PCB's latest statement

According to PCB Chief Najam Sethi, Pakistan's team coming to India to play ODI World Cup will be the decision of the government there. This intention of PCB has put the ICC in trouble once again. That too when there are not many days left in the World Cup and its schedule is yet to be made.

Will Pakistan not come to India to play the World Cup?

Najam Sethi said that the decision regarding India and Pakistan is not taken by BCCI or PCB. The decision is of the government. And, the final decision on our going to India and playing will also be of the Government of Pakistan. He said that just as the Government of India decides whether Team India will go to Pakistan or not, similarly it will be the decision of the Government of Pakistan whether we will go to India and play or not.

On the question of Pakistan playing in Ahmedabad, the PCB chairman said that first of all it should be finalized whether we are going to India to play the World Cup or not. Once this is done, then we will decide on playing in Ahmedabad as well. Najam Sethi said that he had informed the ICC about his intention only when its senior officials had come to visit Pakistan.

Asia Cup will start from August 31

Please tell that the Asia Cup is to be held in Pakistan and Sri Lanka from 31 August to 17 September. Its 4 matches will be played in Pakistan while there will be 9 matches in Sri Lanka. India will play all its matches in Sri Lanka.