World / Superbug Will Become The Second Biggest Threat After Corona In 2023 Can Kill 10 Million People In A Year

Zoom News : Jan 02, 2023, 06:50 PM
America : For the last two years, the whole world is suffering from Corona. On one hand, every year with a new variant, this epidemic is weakening people not only physically but also mentally. So on the other hand, a superbug spreading rapidly among humans in America has put the whole world in worry again.

This bacterial superbug has emerged as a major challenge for medical science in the last few years. In such a situation, the infection of Kovid-19 is making it more dangerous. A study published in the medical journal Lancet suggests that if this superbug continues to spread at this rate, 10 million people may die every year due to it.

At present, due to this superbug, 1.3 million people are dying every year worldwide. Lancet's study has revealed that even antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs do not affect superbugs. Is this superbug creating a new kind of threat to the world?

what is a superbug

It is a form of bacteria. Some bacteria are human friendly while some are very dangerous for humans. This superbug is fatal to humans. It is a strain of bacteria, virus and parasite. When bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites change with time, then the medicine stops affecting them. This creates an antimicrobial resistance in them.

After the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, the treatment of that infection becomes very difficult. If understood in simple language, superbug is such a situation when the medicine becomes ineffective in front of the bacteria, virus and parasite present in the patient's body.

Superbugs are produced due to excessive use of any antibiotic medicine or use of antibiotic medicine unnecessarily. According to doctors, taking antibiotics in case of viral infection like flu, there are more chances of becoming superbugs, which gradually infect other humans as well.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, the drugs Carbapenem used for the treatment of pneumonia and septicemia in our country have now become ineffective on bacteria. Because of this, the manufacture of these medicines was banned.

How does this dangerous bug spread?

Superbugs are spread from person to person through skin contact, wounds, saliva and sexual contact. Once the superbug is in the human body, the medicines stop affecting the patient. There is currently no medicine for superbugs, but it can be prevented by adopting the right methods.

Corona and Superbug's jugalbandi created furore

Lancet has studied the deaths due to superbug a few days ago in the midst of the corona epidemic. According to the report, in the year 2021, ICMR conducted a study in 10 hospitals and found that people have started using more antibiotics after the corona virus.

The situation has worsened due to overuse of antibiotics and superbugs. More than 50 percent of Kovid patients who got infected with corona got infection due to bacteria or fungus during or after treatment and died. According to the study, if the use of antibiotics in the world continues to increase at this rate, then all the progress of medical science will become zero.